New Le Monkey House Designs

Design Studio, June, LeMonkey House

All the photos we showed you from the last photo shoot we had are now available for purchase as posters on Le Monkey House’s page at  Be sure to head over there and take a look at all the unique and witty posters! Also be on the lookout for more designs to be featured on that page.


Dream Wedding Winners!

June, Wedding Invitation Designs


After watching several videos submissions, the public has chosen Lauren and Kelby as the winners of Northern Virginia Magazine’s Dream Wedding Giveaway 2013 (valued at $100,000!).  Lauren and Kelby submitted a video explaining why they should win the dream wedding (along with many, many other engaged couples) and brought tears to our eyes as we listened to them speak of their love and commitment to one another. The happy couple will be married in October and will get to experience life as a married couple on their honeymoon in Aruba!  Since the wedding is coming soon, invitations need to be made and who better to design them than Chikpea Graphics? Raygan Ketterer will be designing the invitations for Lauren and Kelby’s wedding and, rest assured, they will be as beautiful as the bride.

For more about Lauren and Kelby’s story go to

For information on Northern Virginia Magazine and their wedding guides and features, visit

or to check out the other contestants’ videos

Photo Shoot!

Design Studio, June

Today Ashley, the amazing photographer, came to the home design studio to take some pictures of the studio and other work created by Raygan Ketterer. These pictures enhance the beauty of Raygan’s designs and truly capture the thought and creativity behind each masterpiece. They also give you a glimpse into the studio where everything happens.






Social Media

June, Uncategorized

Social media for Chikpea Graphics is watched over by Lindsey St. Onge (me, new to Chikpea Graphics). I keep all social media up to date and make sure Twitter, FaceBook, and this blog all reflect the creative design skills held by Raygan Ketterer and the beautiful products she creates. Today is my first day setting up the blog and it is looking good so far, if I do say so myself. Being 22 years old, I have some, or rather a lot, of experience in social media. Updating is what I do! Be sure to stay tuned for more pictures and another post today. A photographer will be coming to shoot some pictures of the home design studio and I have a feeling they will look amazing!