Packed House

July, LeMonkey House

Just as a reminder, Le Monkey House posters will be featured and available on this July 22nd! Please be sure to keep looking out for the designs! They each are beautifully crafted and have the perfect amount of color and wit. In the studio we are working hard to get all of Raygan’s designs packed up to get ready for shipping, and before you know it they will be arriving at the warehouse and sent to your front door! Right now there are several different designs being printed, cut, packed, and put into shipping boxes. Each poster is specially handled to ensure that you get the best quality print you can, and although the process may be lengthy, it is what we do to promise beautiful designs for our customers.

If anyone would like to  see what more of the posters look like (or if you haven’t checked them out yet) you can go onto Le Monkey House’s Facebook page and click through our photo albums. One photo album features Geo-Graphic poster designs, which have all been posted on this blog, and Film-Inspired poster designs (shown below). Remember that if you have any questions there is a page (Hi, there!) where you can leave comments or ask us anything about the designs featured on this blog. Or you could also comment below any of the posts.

63067_143633485809825_896443329_n 562261_143633622476478_335969802_n 10196_143633635809810_1880917625_n 550017_143633655809808_1440716707_n 562206_143633662476474_997831944_n 601977_143633825809791_1639610817_n 580339_143633812476459_315036768_n 483289_143633815809792_2133982686_n


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