Some Advice for Miley…


After all the buzz surrounding Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (which I missed) I obviously had to YouTube her performance.


That was rough.

I thought seriously about dedicating today’s blog as a letter of advice to the poor girl. Then realized…

A)  That would the kind of post a creepy fan would write

B)  Miley will never see it, which is so sad because I have such good advice

C) There is not enough time in the day to compose a list of advice for that child

D) I don’t care.

I’m going to assume our readers out there are the sane ones who understand what I’m talking about for the most part. So, I don’t feel the need to rehash all the severe, SEVERE mistakes that young Miley made. I just want to give this to Miley and her team, who are the people who should really be blamed. You can’t tell me no one saw that girl’s hair, outfits, makeup, and “dance” before they put her on television. We can all have a laugh together and move on. I don’t want to add anymore fuel to this fire than it is already getting.

Sometimes less is more Miley ( and I don’t mean clothing)…

WoodWallNaturalTEMPLATE P.S. Can anyone explain when the foam finger thing became sexy?

Forever Young.

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Good day people of the internet.

It is an exciting day here in the Monkey House. (We usually cling to any reason to goof off or justify the special treats we give ourselves.) Today, however, we have a legitimate cause for celebration! It is our Founder, Chief, and Grand Poobah’s day of birth. Let me tell you, she is the man. (and by that I mean she is a hot piece of ass.)

As far as I’ve noticed, the older you get the more birthdays suck. You have…

less time – more responsibilities

less money- more bills

a harder time seeing and hearing – (well maybe just a harder time with all the senses)

wrinkles – and a general lack of elasticity on most body parts

things hurt – hips, feet, most joints, and depending on how many birthdays you’ve had maybe your skin… sorry, please be careful.

memory fades, food softens, you spend more time at the doctors…

the cruelest of all… the gifts get so boring. I knew I was getting older when I received new sheets for a birthday. (it has been downhill ever since)

NOT Today! We are keeping this happy birthday thing happy. While there are some downsides to aging, we strongly believe you can stay young forever. Even though our fearless leader, Raygan, is nowhere near old age, we can already tell she will be just like this lady… YES, this lady.

We encourage you to dance, sing, be goofy, laugh as often as possible, and never give into the oldness! We hope that today brings you new adventures and something to celebrate. After all, about 19 million people are having a birthday today. So we hope you all stay FOREVER YOUNG.


Rainy Friday Funday.


Music turned up?  Check.

Soft blanket-scented Yankee candle lit?  Check.

Work being accomplished?  Checkity-check-check-check.

What is it about Fridays that puts people in a good mood?  I’m sure it’s not the same across the board, but there’s just something in the air on Fridays that isn’t present any other day of the week.  Certainly not Mondays…

Maybe it’s the hopefulness of the excitement that could be in store over the weekend.  Or could it simply just be that thought that you get to wake up on Saturday morning without having to set an alarm… unless you’re like me and you wake up later than usual in a panic thinking it’s a work day and you’ve somehow missed an extremely important appointment that is going to ruin your entire life.

Maybe that’s just me.  I am a bit of a worrier… that’s why they call me whiskers.

Today is the creative day around here, where we come up with new ideas and try to make people like it.  Strike that.  Love it.  We want you to love it.

Enjoy your Friday, kids.  It only happens once a week.  Image

It’s our first time…


…printing on canvas.

We are always looking for new sexy ways to keep you coming back for more.  We bought a huge printer, we ordered a hot new roll of silky white canvas.  (ooo la-la) We spoke in our sultriest voices while deciding which poster to give you. Finally deciding on a little charcoal and lime green number. Then……BAM! We pushed print and out came the love child.  Darling, it looks just like you (r taste.) We know you will love this not so little guy as much as we do!


Yours truly,

Le Monkey House


Twain Tuesday


This morning at Le Monkey House we came in ready to work! Coffee in hand, Monday blues in our rear view, we were ready to conquer this social networking “thing”. What actually happened? We ended up reading Mark Twain quotes for about an hour. There are far too many to clever quotes by Twain to get into. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”) Since we decided to dedicate our Tuesday to all things Twain we will take the time to list off our favorite things about Marky Mark. (no, not Mark Wahlberg, sorry ladies)

– His huge mustache – pulling it off.

– How he was born in Florida……Missouri – tricky.

– He had three awesome patented inventions: 1) Improvement in Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments – which replaced suspenders   2) A history trivia game – who doesn’t love trivia?  3)  The self-pasting scrapbook

– He was neighbors with Harriet Beecher Stowe – what is in that water?!

– Oh, and then there is all that writing he did…

Thanks Mr. Twain , this ones for you!!                                                      97n/24/huty/7252/18instagramTWAIN

Customer Appreciation!

August, LeMonkey House

We absolutely adore when customers let us know how happy they are with our products.  That being said, we become giddy with joy when a customer sends us photos of our work in their new environment.  Recently, we did a custom 3′ x 4′ poster for a lovely fella’ down in Texas using our city designs for both Houston and Seattle.  He was so thrilled with it that he set us a little photo collage of the framed poster in his sleeping quarters along with a nice little note — “Love the print! I took a few pictures of it up. The pics don’t do it justice but feel free to use it! I love my bedroom even more now!”


We love his style and excitement for design.  So we say keep ’em coming!  We love to see where Le Monkey House items are now residing.

Thanks to our awesome customers and we hope to see more photos.


~Team ChikPea

Let’s Get Weird

August, Wedding Invitation Designs

Let’s get weird! One of the new wedding invitation designs Raygan has been working on is simply adorable and quite distinct. It’s refreshing to see brides think outside the box and experiment with new designs that aren’t the traditionally fancy invitations. Lucy and Will’s wedding invitations are cute, fun, and much more interesting than the average wedding invitation. Their designs feature dog silhouettes, a quirky RSVP, and even give guests the option to request a song to be played at the reception! These invitations will surely bring a smile to every guest who receives them and they are definitely a keeper for memories! I’m sure their wedding will be fun and “weird” just like the invitations! (And by “weird” we mean absolutely entertaining and lively!).



We Are Growing!

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Today we have been working on getting our wholesale packets together! We would love to start reaching out to wholesalers to feature LeMonkey House designs in their boutiques and shops, so we are getting prepared! There is a lot to be added to our website (more than we originally had thought!) and we are making sure everything we (and you) need will be available very soon. Between the research, typing, and technicalities I would say we pretty much have this stuff down and will be ready in no time to continue the advancement of LeMonkey House designs! We are so excited to start news things and we are well on our way with the addition of our large format printer and wholesaler outreach. We would like to thank everyone who already supports LeMonkey House and Chikpea Graphics and we hope you will continue to love our work and support us down the road. This business will continue to grow and I’m sure there will be many more surprises to come. You will not be disappointed!