what I know about gypsies…

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Depending on your life experiences hearing the word gypsy can lead down many different roads. For me, not knowing much about real gypsies, it goes two ways. One train of thought says “oh, brightly colored, twirling, jeweled, mysteriously beautiful women” Then, “ew, scary, baby stealing, dirty, skeletal looking people. Maybe you know more about the historical and cultural truths behind Gypsism but if you live in the dark like me hopefully the gypsies of the world will forgive us our ignorance, or at least not target us in their thievery.

I know like everything else in America they have made a reality TV show about gypsy life, I have never watched it and I do not know if it is still airing, nor do I care.

I know that the more I learn about this interesting group of people the more I realize I share a lot of the same qualities and actually think it would be awesome to be a real life gypsy.

You may be reading this thinking, “fooey, what do YOU have in common with gypsies?”


I have done my share of bouncing from job to job.

I dress like the lights have been permanently turned off.

I scrounge food.

Aside from any cult activity or weird internal love-making obligations I am totally down for traveling the world with a dancing group of people.

Okay, Okay, I know nothing about real gypsies and I shan’t be learning anything today because I am not a gypsy and I have work to do.

I will say there must be something to my original thought of beautiful, twirling ladies to inspire this song…


what we want gypsies to be…



what gypsies be…



**no gypsies were harmed in the writing of this blog, because they do not have access to the internet.



What’s a Christmas Gram? I want one!

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I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is fast approaching.

I wanted to get everyone in the holiday spirit with one of my personal favorite traditions, watching Elf…


Is it silly and childish, yes, but isn’t that the best part?

Christmas changes as you get older.

You can’t stay up all night giggling with excitement.

You can’t be the one selfishly ripping open all your gifts.

You can’t eat endless amounts of sweets without suffering the consequences.
I am going to hold on to what I can.

I think Will Ferrell does an Oscar worthy job of reminding us that Christmas is full of magic, sugar, joy, snowflakes, m&ms, maple syrup, unicorns and spaghetti.


Although I am totally for letting your inner child out for the holidays, you are old now and have responsibilities. So, this is the perfect time, as an adult, to start thinking of gifts for others. We want to help you get that part over with as quickly and easily as possible. Check out our store to get a head start on that shopping at  LE MONKEY HOUSE SHOP

Also…Check out our new poster designs!!


P.S. Look how weird Zooey Deschanel looks as a blonde….


P.S.S You smell like beef and cheese, you don’t smell like Santa.

A love letter, kinda…

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Today I would like to give a little tribute to the most impressive group I have experienced in years.

The guys I’m referring to have an impressive list of skills including but not limited to;

– speaking multiple languages

– playing instruments

– dancing

– singing (with Broadway caliber voices)

– continually producing high quality videos

– and most of all looking super fine doing it all.

Yes, I am talking about the quickly rising stars that are Ylvis.

We featured the now super famous “The Fox” video a while back and I’m sure many of you thought that would be it. you. were. wrong.

If you haven’t been stalking them like we have you are missing out. They put the other groups in their genre to shame. If I were Andy Samberg and the boys of Lonely Island I would start taking notes.

We wanted to dedicate our Boston poster to Ylvis, and thank them for their newest song/video MASSACHUSETTS….

Thank you Ylvis for being what I’ve been needing in my life. You are like the perfect man. I haven’t had this giddy, angst since I was a teenager. I will be waiting patiently for new videos and if you would ever like to do a song about Virginia I will be happy to help.

I love you.RenderingLayout




We all have a “man” in our lives that is bringing us down. (for many that statement is literal, stupid boys)

Many would say the government is taking that big ole cake right now. I won’t argue that, (bunch of babies) but I digress…

Who or what is the “man” in your life right now?

There are all the obvious ones;

– your boss – I can’t help but imagine Bill Lumbergh here…

– your bills – oh, you mean that’s due EVERY month?

– your neighbor – there is a reason I avoid you.

– your car – yes, I did want you to break down today, thank you.

– your pants – too loose, too tight, pants are always holding me down, shackles in the form of denim.


Whatever your “man” is, don’t let him hold you down.  Take some pointers from Empire Records.  Just do what you want and throw a huge party and raise enough money to save the day.



Command + S

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Save it

Save Money

Save TIme

Save Fuel

Save the Planet

Save a Life

Save the Animals

Save Water

Save the Day

Save your Soul

Save Face

Save Energy

Save As

Save Yourself

Save Me

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World…

okay that last one is a stretch but I’m running out of ideas.

Safe to say, the word SAVE has earned it’s own poster…



Command + Z

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Good morning! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.

Thank you Mr. Columbus.

Let’s talk about mistakes; We all make them.

I’m quite certain some of you even did something this weekend you wish you hadn’t.

Still, some mistakes are a little more severe than others…





o-TERRIBLE-TATTOO-facebook 35705terrible-tattoos-mr-cool-ice uniporn-blog

Some people are just crazy and actually think they are making good choices.

Most of us can agree that while those drunken nights make for the best stories, they also make for the most painful and costly fixes.

If only we had an undo for life…


The Three Amigos

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We decided to take a little field trip and introduce our larger canvas posters to the neighborhood.

Somehow we stumbled into the skate park and made a few friends. Tim, John, and Solomon were more than obliging. They were such cool guys and to say they are free spirited is an understatement.

Here a few of the shots of the guys doing their thing… (and our posters look pretty awesome too)


IMG_1900 IMG_1906IMG_1911

IMG_1896    IMG_1910  IMG_1917 IMG_1936IMG_1918  IMG_1926  IMG_1919



Today is a day of reckoning.

I don’t think we give enough credit to those who have had a major impact on our lives.  (How could we? We are all so distracted by Miley Cyrus, who brings nothing to the table, I mean literally barely brings clothes)

Here’s to those who are so obviously important and memorable but most people probably don’t even know about them…

Richard Davis – a pizza delivery man who invented the bullet proof vest after being attacked by three armed robbers. He also founded Second Chance, a body armor manufacturer who was the first to use kevlar for armor.

Elwood Edwards – we all remember the soft, delightful sound of dialing up our internet. Finally hearing “You’ve Got Mail!” was the best sound ever. So here is a big thank you to Elwood Edwards, the man behind it all. He was the voice of the nation for so long. Confirming our significance with those three little words.

Lew Hewitt & Dee Horton – this duo invented the first automatic sliding doors  in 1954. People holding stuff have been subconsciously thanking you ever since… Well maybe not these people… yikes…

Dick Kelty – this outdoorsman is credited with inventing the backpack, and for that we thank you sir. Two strappin it fo sho.

Sylvan Goldman – tired arms thank you for inventing the shopping cart, first introduced on June 4, 1937.

Josephine Cochran – we could never thank you enough for the dishwasher, 1872

Mary Anderson – invented the windshield wiper in 1903, women always seem to invent the practical stuff…

Maria Beaseley & William Wouldhave (both are credited with versions of the life boat/ life raft) – the Life of Pi wouldn’t be nearly as epic without you and your craftiness.

There are so many random gadgets that make the world go round. We salute the inventors and creators who make modern life possible. Many are thought to be foolish or crazy and that makes them that much more awesome. Here’s to those obscure souls…


Simply Look Around…

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Some days it is hard to see anything beyond what is directly in our faces.

Dirty dishes, screaming children, dirty laundry, traffic, stacks of bills, bed head, and all the other messes of life.

Being a dreamer doesn’t come so easily when you are stuck in the daily grind. That is when we ALL need to take a few pointers from…


I personally am down to follow anyone who can create a room of candy where everything is edible. Anyone who can torture bratty little kids and make it look like no big deal is okay in my book.

Willy gets it. He looks at things in a different way and transforms the mundane to the magnificent.

There is beauty all around us. While we may not have geese that lay golden eggs, floating potions, or gum that is a full meal, we do have things that should be noticed and appreciated right in front of us everyday.

Here are some things to be on the lookout for…













Good penmanship… (cause everyone appreciates that)




Really, there are so many reasons to see the beauty in everyday life…

– having air to breathe

– sunshine

– being able to feel, see, feel, hear, taste, walk, talk, dance, sing, and everything else that we take for granted.

If you are having trouble seeing the good today…




Photo Credits




















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I’ve been thinking I will start a series of posts to feature our amazing city posters. I don’t know why I thought starting with Pittsburgh would be a good idea, but since I already took the time to type Pittsburgh in the title box lets just get this over with.

I actually know very little about Pittsburgh. I never considered it. Maybe it’s because they named it PITTSburgh, and for that I still say there is something wrong with the people in charge.

Throughout my searches on the interwebs I realized how wrong I have been about the city. It looks beautiful and fun.

I am still holding on to my feeling that the people are a little rowdy (like drink their faces off and fight and then be totally best friends again kind of rowdy).

Pittsburgh has really redeemed itself though and here is why:

– It is home of the Klondike bar… my taste buds thank you, my ass doesn’t.

– It is the hometown of Gene Kelly, Michael Keaton, and Christina Aguilera, Jeff Goldblum, Wiz Kalifa, and Arnold Palmer.. although I’m torn about how I feel with that list.

– It has more than 445 bridges… which does nothing for me but is still pretty impressive.

– The Dark Knight Rises did some of it’s filming there… and that movie is awesome.

I mean just look at that place…!

06hours600( photo cred )

I hope the rest of you will resist the urge to hate Pittsburgh for no reason like I did. I am a changed woman. I am sorry Pittsburghians.

This one is for you…