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Do you like slushies, snow cones, slurpees or any one of the shaved ice family members?

Of course you do, you’re human and therefore you have no choice.

Well you can thank the great city of Baltimore. The original snowball was invented there during the Industrial Revolution.

Baltimore has been the home of many firsts. (and awesome people)

  • The first umbrella factory – 1828.
  • The first post office system – 1774.
  • The first dental school – 1840.
  • The first telegraph line in the world was established between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore – 1844.
  • Baltimore was the first city to implement 311 service as a non-emergency hotline.
  • The first successful manned balloon launch in the United States launched from Baltimore and was operated by 13-year-old Edward Warren in 1784.
  • The first professional sports organization in the United States, The Maryland Jockey Club – 1743.
  • America’s first Catholic cathedral, the Baltimore Basilica of Assumption, is located in Baltimore.
  • Baltimore was the first United States city to illuminate its streets using hydrogen gas – 1816.
  • The first bloodshed of the Civil War, a clash between pro-South civilians and Union troops – 1861.

These, and many more, awesome people also hail from Charm City;

  • Michael Phelps
  • Babe Ruth
  • Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • Billie Holiday

So yea Baltimore is cool, and so is this…


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