Inspiration. Determination. Perspiration. Awolnation?

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We want to know what inspires you!

I’ve written before about the power of quotes. I don’t deny they are an amazing tool for sparking creativity or confidence. Still, sometimes is takes more than what someone else says to get the juices flowing.

For me it takes a swift kick in the bum. Maybe for you it takes a compelling image or song. Many of us won’t be inspired to make changes until it is too late. The old sayings are all true. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, or “too little too late”, or anything else that makes you want to jump off a bridge you’ve heard it so many times.

Some people seem to have mastered the art of action. Those people who climb mountains, jump off buildings, live with monkeys, work with children, help the sick, go back to school, live in Siberia (see HAPPY PEOPLE) woah. Those people are inspiring. But why? What drives those people?

This is what we want to know! What drives people to do what they do.

Be an interactive part of the human race and leave us a comment letting us know what inspires you to do what you do. Who knows maybe you will be an inspiration to someone else.

So, we have inspiration which leads to determination which usually involves perspiration, which always ends up with Awolnation….

13-Woman-Determined 12268537-determination-on-the-face-of-a-traceur-climbing-the-wall-of-a-high-industrial-building-while-demonst Determination duckling-determination sad-marathon


Somehow AWOLNATION created a song that seems to inspire everyone. There are countless videos of people doing amazing things and pushing the limits while the song ‘Sail’ streams in the background.

Okay, that last one is a little off topic, unless you ask the question, “what inspired that person to take the time to create a video like that?” We are certainly grateful someone did.

Thursday = Thor’s Day

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I discovered today that Thursday comes from the Old English Þunresdæg = “Thunor’s Day. Then you lose the -n- due to the influence of the Old Norse and get Þorsdagr which means = “Thor’s Day !

There is a lot of other boring information about origin and languages but let’s just skip that and get to what we should be doing…


1366735930_thor-chris-hemsworth-467 chris_hemsworth_as_thor_1333629

images thor-2-photos-thor-chris-hemsworth-close Thor-thor-32844859-1280-983 thor1n-9-copy

oh crap how’d that guy get in there?! this isn’t your day!

article-0-1914E03100000578-600_634x457 Chris_Hemsworth_Thor Thor-2-The-Dark-World-Chris-Hemsworth-Set-Interview


Thursday is now my favorite day.


Take a sip.

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Let us slip into something a little more comfortable…

go to the couch…

and then….


Check out the second child in the kitchenware family….


Go on, choose your vessel!



Mark Monday.

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We wanted an excuse to show off a couple newer designs so we will call this Mark Monday.

il_570xN.554750908_hoxx il_570xN.554838615_8lj4 il_570xN.554842951_kbo8

Enjoy these great quotes from Mark Twain?

Check out other quotable people and fantastic posters at….


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Here is your daily dose of honesty. Your very large dose…

This first batch is by designer Viktor Hertz…

Honest-Slogans-1-600x442 Honest-Slogans-2-600x576 Honest-Slogans-4-600x473 Honest-Slogans-5-600x425 Honest-Slogans-6-600x540 Honest-Slogans-7-600x494 Honest-Slogans-8-600x378 Honest-Slogans-9-600x278 Honest-Slogans-10-600x323 Honest-Slogans-11-600x400 Honest-Slogans-12-600x506 Honest-Slogans-13-600x422 Honest-Slogans-14-600x694 Honest-Slogans-15-600x394 Honest-Slogans-16-600x426 Honest-Slogans-17-600x408 Honest-Slogans-18-600x467 Honest-Slogans-19-600x400


We don’t know who designed this second batch, sorry…

tumblr_lx1cjxcNQm1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx2azpvwvF1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx3avo3OQm1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx12maSoXK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx12xp9gXw1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx13b7Dy2I1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx15ds3kOL1r9pgsuo1_400 tumblr_lx27mxlLH81r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx29am3U4P1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx29znODai1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx38fxuMsx1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx272u2bx41r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lxcaevHwtC1r9pgsuo1_r1_500 tumblr_lxjtkerMet1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lybf1qikDv1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_m1vh9c6zmD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_m70iqrImII1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_m70kh7M2x01r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_muubxaGhm41r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_muvly1HQJ11r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mv5ggrQhsk1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mv5l7znfdh1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvd2dl3HZQ1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvepkqHt431r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvfxu6bEZK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvhs7qO8eg1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvibygGwuN1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvjwauIEVD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvlvafqb421r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvpk58oP9H1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvrpod3uJf1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvtpmp7mVz1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvx97jEkuW1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mw6pt9q1LI1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mw8labYJPR1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mw60cuxCLj1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwa49zgJnD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwbucyasdF1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwmylxLSQ61r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwol3baSiN1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwp5cjvOpK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwummk6kYg1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mx8z0zhU4E1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mxbebjV7gK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mxig7krFZp1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mxmfctdghD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_my9yq9qbAV1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_myfr13UeLr1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_myy6t8oTNV1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mz24a3Wb671r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mzd30ujoTt1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mzf7loSYEG1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mzoituYl3s1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mztw1tUJIA1r9pgsuo1_500


You made it! Glad you stayed with us this far! Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did. Have a great weekend!!

Love you,


Designs to die for…

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Check out our newest creation at Le Monkey House! The line is a work in progress and is inspired by all things kitchen.



We will keep you updated on the new designs and how you can get your hands on them!



Introducing…. FLULA.

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So I had a hard time coming up with something to blog about today. BUT…

then I found this gem…


don’t worry here is the follow up video…

and the cherry on top…

Flula is my new favorite.

You’re welcome.



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We missed you yesterday. Hopefully you had the day off and took a moment to reflect on the life and message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You probably think this post is late but as the title of this blog suggests the words here are for EVERY DAY not just the third Monday of every January.

Now here are some awesome quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr….

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

“A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.”

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

“The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.”

“Means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek.”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

There is no end to the powerful words spoken by Dr. King.  We would love to hear some of your favorite quotes so feel free to add them in the comments!



Go forth and love!




Did someone say MONKEY?

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I know my blog posts are normally amazing, revolutionary, profound, mind -blowing, earth shattering works of art.

Just kidding, I usually just post awesome pictures, uh yea, you are welcome.

Well, today I thought I would switch it up.

I know people love their podcasts and are probably looking to be as lazy as possible while at work. So, today I figured I would just cram as many songs into this blog as I could. Obviously, we want to keep things relevant so all of the songs will be featuring the word monkey.

Get down with us today.

love you,

-Le Monkey House




Okay, who knew there were so many?! I didn’t post all of them but to be honest some of them don’t deserve to be posted. Also, kudos to Warren Zevon who managed to have three songs all with the word monkey in the title. I didn’t post any of them but if you didn’t get your fill of monkey songs yet Warren is your man.