12 Reasons Rainy Weather is AWESOME.

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Another gloomy day is upon us here in Northern Virginia. I’ve always felt like a bit of a creep because I like this dreary rainy mess. Most people hate this weather and some even get terrible seasonal depression so hopefully we can bring you a little lift today.

12 reasons why rainy weather is AWESOME…

1. Perfect excuse to sneak to a movie…Cinema

2.Free car wash…


3. Rain = Life…


4. Free drinking water…


5. Snuggles are more abundant in cold, wet weather…


6. You can turn off that machine that simulates rain noises and fall asleep to the real thing…


7. Sets the stage for spontaneousness….


8. Sets the stage for kindness…


9. Rainbows….


10. Everything is shiny…

new orleans-3170

11. Free mud, free facial…


12. A chance to finally use that nice umbrella…


If that didn’t help, try some color therapy and look at the bright posters at



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