The good, the bad, and the single.

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So as you are probably well aware, Valentines Day is tomorrow. And as you could probably tell from my Bitches Love Teddy Bears post I’m not a big fan of the holiday.

Maybe it’s my distaste for the color pink (not all girls like pink, take note sporting equipment makers!), maybe it’s the generic cards and gifts, maybe because it’s a day of forced affection, maybe it’s that the cheesy factor is off the charts, or maybe it’s because I’m single and bitter. Who knows! Whatever the reason I don’t know why people like this day. I do know when you google Valentines Day you get this garbage. yuk.

Still, for all of you lovers out there I will attempt to keep things positive, soooooo….

Here are 10 things that make Valentines Day seem almost bearable…

10. Gifts…


…everyone likes to give and receive gifts.

9. An excuse to be sappy…


…and watch any chic flick you want. (yes, dudes secretly like these)

8. Hugs and Kisses…


or this…


…whatever best describes you and your significant other

7. Chocolate…


… it’s great for singles too!

6. Because the store aisles now look like this…

imgres-1 walgreensIMG_4267

… soft and covered with chocolate… umm yea I said it.

And now I’m out of reasons why Valentines Day is good… so for all you singles out there here are some things to keep you happy…

5. These two are back on the market…

51b226f972cc655995_beautiful-celebrities bloom_orlando

or if you’re a little bit of a freak…legolas

4. Freedom to read books, or let’s be real… have sole control over the remote…


3. Beyonce…

2. Paul Westerberg and the amazing movie Singles…

1. The number one spot is reserved for all scorned lovers out there…

and no one does it better than JT….


In case you are a little behind and need an amazing gift to make up for it go here….

My book page poster is smarter than your honor student…

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Okay, I know the blog title doesn’t make any sense but…
I realized today that maybe I haven’t featured our book pages yet!

These posters are one of my favorite designs here at Le Monkey House.

Get your hands on one of these beauties here:

Thursday = Thor’s Day

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I discovered today that Thursday comes from the Old English Þunresdæg = “Thunor’s Day. Then you lose the -n- due to the influence of the Old Norse and get Þorsdagr which means = “Thor’s Day !

There is a lot of other boring information about origin and languages but let’s just skip that and get to what we should be doing…


1366735930_thor-chris-hemsworth-467 chris_hemsworth_as_thor_1333629

images thor-2-photos-thor-chris-hemsworth-close Thor-thor-32844859-1280-983 thor1n-9-copy

oh crap how’d that guy get in there?! this isn’t your day!

article-0-1914E03100000578-600_634x457 Chris_Hemsworth_Thor Thor-2-The-Dark-World-Chris-Hemsworth-Set-Interview


Thursday is now my favorite day.


Mark Monday.

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We wanted an excuse to show off a couple newer designs so we will call this Mark Monday.

il_570xN.554750908_hoxx il_570xN.554838615_8lj4 il_570xN.554842951_kbo8

Enjoy these great quotes from Mark Twain?

Check out other quotable people and fantastic posters at….

Designs to die for…

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Check out our newest creation at Le Monkey House! The line is a work in progress and is inspired by all things kitchen.



We will keep you updated on the new designs and how you can get your hands on them!



The Three Amigos

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We decided to take a little field trip and introduce our larger canvas posters to the neighborhood.

Somehow we stumbled into the skate park and made a few friends. Tim, John, and Solomon were more than obliging. They were such cool guys and to say they are free spirited is an understatement.

Here a few of the shots of the guys doing their thing… (and our posters look pretty awesome too)


IMG_1900 IMG_1906IMG_1911

IMG_1896    IMG_1910  IMG_1917 IMG_1936IMG_1918  IMG_1926  IMG_1919