Almost a rant, in my sweatpant. (yes sweatpant, so it rhymes.)

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I can’t take credit for it, but somehow I always seem to be able to find the most the most random stuff on the internet. I think I use search engines wrong. Here are some of my finds today…



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There is so much stuff online, a lot of it is crap, but there are always people creating……. which we love. Still, I can’t help but wonder how these people have time. I mean that broccoli tree house is adorable, but I have to go to the bank and the grocery store and call my insurance company, ya know? That hippo is really cool, but photoshopping isn’t exactly what I want to do in my down time.

I feel we are advancing quickly technologically, too quickly for me to keep up with anyway, but at the same time our style and taste may just be getting a little worse. I mean Spongebob Squarepants is still really popular. Fashion, while I don’t claim to have a lot of taste in this area, I feel like people are trying to look bad. Stop spending a bunch of money to look homeless. Oh no, I feel this blog quickly turning into a rant.

Back to photos!….

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Okay, I’m stopping for today. I’m starting to feel like my grandmother who thinks everything on the internet is amazing and emails me everyday with these “amazing” things she finds. I do have to give her credit for staying with the times better than I could ever hope to. (Disclaimer, my dearest Grandmother, if you see this, I mean it with LOVE) Personally, I fully intend on succumbing to old age and all the excuses that become available to me. Wheelchairs, early bird specials, handicap parking, “forgetting” things, naps, senior discounts, and rockin’ the sweatpants and white sneaks everywhere!


Did someone say MONKEY?

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I know my blog posts are normally amazing, revolutionary, profound, mind -blowing, earth shattering works of art.

Just kidding, I usually just post awesome pictures, uh yea, you are welcome.

Well, today I thought I would switch it up.

I know people love their podcasts and are probably looking to be as lazy as possible while at work. So, today I figured I would just cram as many songs into this blog as I could. Obviously, we want to keep things relevant so all of the songs will be featuring the word monkey.

Get down with us today.

love you,

-Le Monkey House




Okay, who knew there were so many?! I didn’t post all of them but to be honest some of them don’t deserve to be posted. Also, kudos to Warren Zevon who managed to have three songs all with the word monkey in the title. I didn’t post any of them but if you didn’t get your fill of monkey songs yet Warren is your man.




Monkey Business. Literally.

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The problem with Le Monkey House, in my opinion, is the lack of real monkeys. I suppose it is a little impractical given the noise, smell, and strong possibility of flying poo, but I would still be willing to give it a try. Call me a dreamer, but I have visions of snuggles, tug-of-war, intense grooming sessions, and of course bananas.

We could put those monkeys to work and double our productivity.

Capuchins could handle most of the online work and maybe even a little designing.


Mandrills could do the heavy lifting and also work security.


Obviously, we would have the Pygmy Marmosets just to keep spirits up, cause honestly, who can be upset when you are looking at these guys….

imgres-1 imgres l-Common-marmoset pygmy-marmoset-baby-albino_large Pygmy-Marmoset-Monkeys-for-Adoption5204ea01793e6440f200

I’m sure all you Monkey House fans out there are happy to have aligned yourself with such an honest business. I know it makes me proud to be a part of it, I can’t stand businesses and their constant false advertising. 

Apple – doesn’t sell any fruit at all, let alone apples

Shell – only sells fuel, okay okay, they have snacks and stuff too

Arm&Hammer – seriously? 0 for 2 there

Blackberry – you disgust me

Dicks – okay, I’m actually a little relieved on this one

The list goes on and on.

So, I think I have made a very strong case. All I need if for the boss lady to sign off on it and we are in the literal monkey house.

See you tomorrow!