A love letter, kinda…

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Today I would like to give a little tribute to the most impressive group I have experienced in years.

The guys I’m referring to have an impressive list of skills including but not limited to;

– speaking multiple languages

– playing instruments

– dancing

– singing (with Broadway caliber voices)

– continually producing high quality videos

– and most of all looking super fine doing it all.

Yes, I am talking about the quickly rising stars that are Ylvis.

We featured the now super famous “The Fox” video a while back and I’m sure many of you thought that would be it. you. were. wrong.

If you haven’t been stalking them like we have you are missing out. They put the other groups in their genre to shame. If I were Andy Samberg and the boys of Lonely Island I would start taking notes.

We wanted to dedicate our Boston poster to Ylvis, and thank them for their newest song/video MASSACHUSETTS….

Thank you Ylvis for being what I’ve been needing in my life. You are like the perfect man. I haven’t had this giddy, angst since I was a teenager. I will be waiting patiently for new videos and if you would ever like to do a song about Virginia I will be happy to help.

I love you.RenderingLayout