These videos will have you feeling bipolar… in a good way.?

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I don’t know about you but I appreciate a good commercial.

Sure, most of the time they just make us angry or we ignore them all together. (unless it’s the Super Bowl)  But you can’t deny when you get sucked into a commercial and find yourself actually interested, amazed or even sad you have to give some love to the marketing teams. I will tell you that women tend to be a bit more observant in this matter. Or, maybe we are just more likely to have an emotional reaction to things, at least once a month. I’m just minding my business, eating my third chocolate bar, when WHAM..

and then I’m all…


Subaru people are either genius or in cahoots with Puffs and Kleenex.

That may not be true for all you ladies out there but I know I’m a sucker. For instance, I keep telling myself my next car will be a Subaru just because I love their commercials. I know nothing about Subarus, or cars for that matter. All I know is I have a hard time keeping it together for any Subaru commercial and I would seriously consider them now!

Here are a few more companies I would be happy to ignorantly support just because I love their commercials…





There are so many great advertisements out there. It makes you wonder why things like this are still happening….

or you could take things to the next level like this Thai commercial…

Thanks for ruining my week Thai Insurance.

I can understand why someone with a small budget would end up with something terrible. It’s just puzzling when even decent sized companies still end up with this…

Okay, now let’s dissect that video.

It seems like a well done commercial. Simple idea and straight to the point. So WHY are they getting so much wrong!

For starters,  I feel like that guy is hitting on me. Sure, he is a nice looking guy, but why is he just a tad older than he should be. Then, did they just tell him to wear a collared shirt and tuck it in, or was there actually a stylist behind this? Button up your shirt dude. Maybe, get a belt, actually maybe get a new outfit entirely. And is it just me or is his torso way out of proportion with the rest of his body? I feel like walking up to this guy and saying “Oh hey Brad (which I’m assuming is his name), I can’t believe you forgot to shave before your first acting gig in that Trivago commercial, how embarrassing”

All I’m saying is, there are companies who get it, companies who don’t have enough money to even try, and companies that have the money and should know better! We would all be grateful if those people put a little more thought into their advertisements!

Anyway…Let’s end this on a good note…


Be Inspired…

And Love…




Monkey Business. Literally.

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The problem with Le Monkey House, in my opinion, is the lack of real monkeys. I suppose it is a little impractical given the noise, smell, and strong possibility of flying poo, but I would still be willing to give it a try. Call me a dreamer, but I have visions of snuggles, tug-of-war, intense grooming sessions, and of course bananas.

We could put those monkeys to work and double our productivity.

Capuchins could handle most of the online work and maybe even a little designing.


Mandrills could do the heavy lifting and also work security.


Obviously, we would have the Pygmy Marmosets just to keep spirits up, cause honestly, who can be upset when you are looking at these guys….

imgres-1 imgres l-Common-marmoset pygmy-marmoset-baby-albino_large Pygmy-Marmoset-Monkeys-for-Adoption5204ea01793e6440f200

I’m sure all you Monkey House fans out there are happy to have aligned yourself with such an honest business. I know it makes me proud to be a part of it, I can’t stand businesses and their constant false advertising. 

Apple – doesn’t sell any fruit at all, let alone apples

Shell – only sells fuel, okay okay, they have snacks and stuff too

Arm&Hammer – seriously? 0 for 2 there

Blackberry – you disgust me

Dicks – okay, I’m actually a little relieved on this one

The list goes on and on.

So, I think I have made a very strong case. All I need if for the boss lady to sign off on it and we are in the literal monkey house.

See you tomorrow!


The future is here

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I don’t believe you get a fresh start just because the date changes and people dress up to watch a sparkly ball drop. However, being a little OCD, I suppose starting at one is as good a time as any to begin doing smart and healthy things.

Since the world runs according to a calendar, the new year does bring about many exciting things. Many large companies wait to release new products, new lines of cars roll out, new fashions hit the runway,  and every year people get excited for the new iphone. Like, seriously, every year, how is that still such a big deal?

Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely a fan of gadgets and while I wouldn’t call myself a techie (based on my lack of knowledge) I do love technology.

Here are some of the things that may just make their debut in 2014…

1. Google Glasses…Developer-Maximiliano-Firtman-wears-Google-glasses-before-a-news-conference-2676242

…so you can look like a nerd, while actually being a nerd.

2. Technology bracelets…

Samsungs-Galaxy-Gear-SmartWatch-2252620 Smarty-Ring-2915033

…call me when these are snap bracelets and I will buy them all.

3. Apple TV (no, like an actual television)


…I’m sure if it happens it will be awesome, but what is the point of a touch screen on the telly? Why did we go to the trouble to invent and spend years fighting over the remote?

4. Smart appliances…


…Yes please. need all the help I can get in this department.

5. Electric cars….


… with more charging stations going up, and big name car manufacturers joining the game, we may actually get decent looking fuel alternative cars  (so you can look awesome for a whopping 50 miles.)

6. 4K Television…


…do you have trouble seeing that 50 inch TV you spent all that money on? You won’t have to suffer much longer! This 110 inch ultra HD (or 4K) television should be available soon enough. I think at some point we will just go full circle and have live actors in our living rooms shooting those zombies,  performing open heart surgery, or whipping up some meth.

So there are a few things to look forward to, or make fun of in 2014! It’s gonna be a great year.