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Helter Skelter

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So… I saw Prisoners last night. (For those of you who don’t keep up that is the new Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal thriller)

Woah, it was like a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t worry there will be no spoiler alerts here.

I just wanted to give it up to Jake Gyllenhaal.

It must have been a long, hard road to secure yourself as a legitimate actor after your unforgettable role as Bubble Boy…

(which I secretly love)…


But you made it!! I am impressed. Now do the world a favor and make those tattoos real, it works for you.

Honestly though, the movie is worth seeing on the big screen. The entire cast, on and off screen, does a great job.

Since I can barely control myself from ruining some aspect of the movie, I must make this short. Plus, I think that picture of Mr. Gyllenhaal in a bubble earned me enough points for today.

I will leave you with today’s poster…