Does anyone else ever picture what the hottest celebrities of today will look like in the FUTURE? dun. dun. dun.


This thought has been creeping into my head over and over ever since Jacqueline Bisset made everyone feel awkward at the Golden Globes.

Sure, her acting totally crazy doesn’t help, but getting older isn’t easy on everyone. Some of the celebs we all used to swoon over have really lost that “it” factor. The people who used to be on the poster you proudly hung on your wall are the same people who would make you pull your kids a bit closer if they passed you on the street.

I mean I can hardly control myself when I imagine Justin Beiber 30-40 years from now. Well, at the rate he is going it might only be about 5-10 years before he starts to look like this…





Now, this is not intended to make fun of old people, okay…maybe just old celebrities. It may be twisted, but I think I get a small amount of satisfaction when I think of how fleeting all that superficial mumbo jumbo is. Go on, just picture Miley Cyrus wearing that same nude bikini but maybe this time when she sticks her tongue out, her dentures go with it.

Don’t get me wrong getting older is a bitch. I don’t enjoy seeing my ass slowly take a downward turn, but the great thing is, it happens to everyone. Maybe it wouldn’t seem so painful if we all stopped putting so much stock into “beauty”.

There are so many things that get better with age. Yet, as a society we still cling to the one thing that doesn’t. Maybe someday we will learn, but for now we can still make fun of celebrities because let’s be real, they want the attention either way.

So here’s to you crazy old celebrities!

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As for the rest of you why don’t you invest in something that will actually last….


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Simply Look Around…

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Some days it is hard to see anything beyond what is directly in our faces.

Dirty dishes, screaming children, dirty laundry, traffic, stacks of bills, bed head, and all the other messes of life.

Being a dreamer doesn’t come so easily when you are stuck in the daily grind. That is when we ALL need to take a few pointers from…


I personally am down to follow anyone who can create a room of candy where everything is edible. Anyone who can torture bratty little kids and make it look like no big deal is okay in my book.

Willy gets it. He looks at things in a different way and transforms the mundane to the magnificent.

There is beauty all around us. While we may not have geese that lay golden eggs, floating potions, or gum that is a full meal, we do have things that should be noticed and appreciated right in front of us everyday.

Here are some things to be on the lookout for…













Good penmanship… (cause everyone appreciates that)




Really, there are so many reasons to see the beauty in everyday life…

– having air to breathe

– sunshine

– being able to feel, see, feel, hear, taste, walk, talk, dance, sing, and everything else that we take for granted.

If you are having trouble seeing the good today…




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