“It might seem crazy what I’m about to say…”

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If the song ‘Happy’ hasn’t bored it’s way through your skull and permanently etched itself onto your brain then you’ve been missing out. I mean I heard that song at least 6 times today, and each time I just thought “man, I AM happy”!

Then I realize I will never be cool enough to wear a hat like this and I think, “man, maybe I’m not happy.”


There are some people who can just do whatever they want. Pharrell is one of those people. Pharrell could get away with murder, while he wears this hat…



Pharrell’s hats say so much about him, music, and the world…

#1. The military should be taken very seriously…

He is a huge supporter of the military, which is nice to see coming from Hollywood..Image

Let’s take a closer look..


Wait… I’m getting mixed messages here.

#2. It’s okay to continually wear the same outrageous thing, as long as it’s in different colors…






Pharrell is so cutting edge, he even wears it in RED!!!

#3. Beyonce is super excited about Pharrell’s idea to open a hat store. Jay – Z will own 51% of course.


#4. Anna Kendrick is sick and tired of Pharrell and his smiley hat wearing ass… maybe she is just jealous?

Pharrell Williams, Anna Kendrick Pharrell-Hat-Diary


#5. Pharrell was once attacked but a pack of wolves. He killed them all with his bare hands and now wears their fur from head to toe despite temperatures in LA being consistently in the 80’s.


#6. Pharrell and his wife are surprisingly frugal. When they were asked about their marriage Pharrell said “we save a lot of money by sharing all of our clothes. Being the exact same size as my partner is something I knew I needed in life”


#7. Pharrell has a very serious disease called duplicationphia. He is unable to only buy one color of hat. He claims he is on medication, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.



#8. Pharrell does a lot of charity work with the youths in his home town of Virginia Beach. In a unrelated story there have been reports of children’s hats disappearing from that same area.


#9. Like a crocodile that needs to close it’s eyes when it’s mouth is open, Pharrell must close his eyes when he is not wearing a hat.



#10. When Pharrell doesn’t have time to choose a hat, he simply throws a blanket on his head, and it works.



Almost a rant, in my sweatpant. (yes sweatpant, so it rhymes.)

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I can’t take credit for it, but somehow I always seem to be able to find the most the most random stuff on the internet. I think I use search engines wrong. Here are some of my finds today…



random-owl Random+Stuff_5834e4_3171160


469810657_1374278962 images


There is so much stuff online, a lot of it is crap, but there are always people creating……. which we love. Still, I can’t help but wonder how these people have time. I mean that broccoli tree house is adorable, but I have to go to the bank and the grocery store and call my insurance company, ya know? That hippo is really cool, but photoshopping isn’t exactly what I want to do in my down time.

I feel we are advancing quickly technologically, too quickly for me to keep up with anyway, but at the same time our style and taste may just be getting a little worse. I mean Spongebob Squarepants is still really popular. Fashion, while I don’t claim to have a lot of taste in this area, I feel like people are trying to look bad. Stop spending a bunch of money to look homeless. Oh no, I feel this blog quickly turning into a rant.

Back to photos!….

pdwmYWe taD0FlW SpAekf4 MoJlcD6 june-random-stuff-18 7Z0AaNG 1sS59v5


Okay, I’m stopping for today. I’m starting to feel like my grandmother who thinks everything on the internet is amazing and emails me everyday with these “amazing” things she finds. I do have to give her credit for staying with the times better than I could ever hope to. (Disclaimer, my dearest Grandmother, if you see this, I mean it with LOVE) Personally, I fully intend on succumbing to old age and all the excuses that become available to me. Wheelchairs, early bird specials, handicap parking, “forgetting” things, naps, senior discounts, and rockin’ the sweatpants and white sneaks everywhere!



The good, the bad, and the single.

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So as you are probably well aware, Valentines Day is tomorrow. And as you could probably tell from my Bitches Love Teddy Bears post I’m not a big fan of the holiday.

Maybe it’s my distaste for the color pink (not all girls like pink, take note sporting equipment makers!), maybe it’s the generic cards and gifts, maybe because it’s a day of forced affection, maybe it’s that the cheesy factor is off the charts, or maybe it’s because I’m single and bitter. Who knows! Whatever the reason I don’t know why people like this day. I do know when you google Valentines Day you get this garbage. yuk.

Still, for all of you lovers out there I will attempt to keep things positive, soooooo….

Here are 10 things that make Valentines Day seem almost bearable…

10. Gifts…


…everyone likes to give and receive gifts.

9. An excuse to be sappy…


…and watch any chic flick you want. (yes, dudes secretly like these)

8. Hugs and Kisses…


or this…


…whatever best describes you and your significant other

7. Chocolate…


… it’s great for singles too!

6. Because the store aisles now look like this…

imgres-1 walgreensIMG_4267

… soft and covered with chocolate… umm yea I said it.

And now I’m out of reasons why Valentines Day is good… so for all you singles out there here are some things to keep you happy…

5. These two are back on the market…

51b226f972cc655995_beautiful-celebrities bloom_orlando

or if you’re a little bit of a freak…legolas

4. Freedom to read books, or let’s be real… have sole control over the remote…


3. Beyonce…

2. Paul Westerberg and the amazing movie Singles…

1. The number one spot is reserved for all scorned lovers out there…

and no one does it better than JT….


In case you are a little behind and need an amazing gift to make up for it go here….