It Has Arrived!

August, Design Studio, Uncategorized

It has arrived! Our new outrageously large printer is sitting in the Chikpea studio ready to begin printing! The EPSON 9890 is capable of printing large format prints and Chikpea Graphics will now offer these larger sized prints for our customers. Companies who are looking for somewhere to get their photos or other work printed may contact Raygan for pricing. You can also go to the Chikpea Graphics website to get more information on pricing for large format prints. We are so excited to be offering something new and are already playing with the our new toy! (We may or may not have already printed some samples.) Be sure to check out our Facebook page and our website to get all the details on these new features.


Eye for Detail

July, Wedding Invitation Designs

Good morning all! I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! We at Chikpea Graphics had a wonderful holiday! Now lets get back to what you missed from last week. Earlier this past week, Raygan worked on some beautiful wedding invitation designs for Shauna and her future husband, Hughey St. Clair. The invitations flaunt a sophisticated design with detailed cursive plum-purple writing. The look turned out great and Shauna even had the idea to put ribbon on the invitations to make them look even better. After receiving the finalized invitations Shauna sent us an email with her added touch and said “Thanks again for [the] excellent work with our invitations. ended up having a perfect plum paper ribbon with a similar striated pattern as the invitations. We played with tying them several ways…they looked lovely.” Shauna’s eye for detail and Raygan’s expertise is what made these wedding invitations perfect for the occasion. Below you can see the finished product for Shauna and Hughey’s wedding invitations. We’re sure their guests will be taken aback by the beautiful design!