Drinking + Dancing = Yikes. oh, and Genesis.

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I can’t dance.

I really can’t dance.

I like to think I can and in my head I’m like “yea, I look really good”, but then there is always a video or a picture or even a mirror that makes me stop immediately and regret all my life choices. How well I think I’m dancing really depends on how many drinks I’ve had…

Two glasses of wine and I’m still a little reserved…


Now I’ve moved onto liquor drinks and this is what I think I’m doing….

When the entire time I’m actually doing this….

(I was going to say don’t bother watching the whole thing but I think the ending from 2:24 on may actually be the best part, so do what you will with that)

Anyway, the fact is I have accepted that I cannot and should not dance. (but probably still will when I’ve had a few drinks)

Really just wanted an excuse to show you these guys, because they are my favorite…. Introducing Les Twins…

Good thing we don’t need dance skills to make these…