“It might seem crazy what I’m about to say…”

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If the song ‘Happy’ hasn’t bored it’s way through your skull and permanently etched itself onto your brain then you’ve been missing out. I mean I heard that song at least 6 times today, and each time I just thought “man, I AM happy”!

Then I realize I will never be cool enough to wear a hat like this and I think, “man, maybe I’m not happy.”


There are some people who can just do whatever they want. Pharrell is one of those people. Pharrell could get away with murder, while he wears this hat…



Pharrell’s hats say so much about him, music, and the world…

#1. The military should be taken very seriously…

He is a huge supporter of the military, which is nice to see coming from Hollywood..Image

Let’s take a closer look..


Wait… I’m getting mixed messages here.

#2. It’s okay to continually wear the same outrageous thing, as long as it’s in different colors…






Pharrell is so cutting edge, he even wears it in RED!!!

#3. Beyonce is super excited about Pharrell’s idea to open a hat store. Jay – Z will own 51% of course.


#4. Anna Kendrick is sick and tired of Pharrell and his smiley hat wearing ass… maybe she is just jealous?

Pharrell Williams, Anna Kendrick Pharrell-Hat-Diary


#5. Pharrell was once attacked but a pack of wolves. He killed them all with his bare hands and now wears their fur from head to toe despite temperatures in LA being consistently in the 80’s.


#6. Pharrell and his wife are surprisingly frugal. When they were asked about their marriage Pharrell said “we save a lot of money by sharing all of our clothes. Being the exact same size as my partner is something I knew I needed in life”


#7. Pharrell has a very serious disease called duplicationphia. He is unable to only buy one color of hat. He claims he is on medication, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.



#8. Pharrell does a lot of charity work with the youths in his home town of Virginia Beach. In a unrelated story there have been reports of children’s hats disappearing from that same area.


#9. Like a crocodile that needs to close it’s eyes when it’s mouth is open, Pharrell must close his eyes when he is not wearing a hat.



#10. When Pharrell doesn’t have time to choose a hat, he simply throws a blanket on his head, and it works.



Respect your elders

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There are many transition periods in life. When we are young we wonder how “old people” could ever be so out of touch with the times. Well for all of you young ones out there (I’m talking 20 and below) things change faster than you could ever imagine.

One day you wake up and realize you have no idea what is going on.
What are the hit songs?
No clue.
What is Bieber Fever?
Is it contagious?
That cartoon has been off the air for how many years?
What the hell does YOLO mean? AHHHHH!!

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with the times.

Moral of this blog:

Be nice to old people because someday you will be just as oblivious to the things that are “in style”. You will be that aunt that buys the Power Rangers toys for your nephew. The grandfather that tries to post on Facebook. The mom that texts something inappropriate without realizing it.

What they never told me was that as you get older you don’t change the way you think you will. You don’t all of a sudden learn all the random stuff old people know. You don’t feel older mentally, you still feel like you are eighteen and should have the energy and time to do what you want. In reality you’re lucky to squeeze in a nap. The perks of being older don’t always outweigh the pains. I’ve found you have to find happiness in the little things. Making fun of ignorant youths, legal drinking, not answering to parents, leaving the bed unmade, buying what you want.

So here I am writing a blog from a smart phone for the first time and kicking modern technologies ass. So raise a glass of wine and toast to not worrying about mid-terms!