This one’s for you Ireland!

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Here is some Irish stuff…

8_Cliffs_of_Moher_Walking_Hiking_Ireland   Fun Fact: Did you know that in Ireland sheep are the main source of transportation?Discover-Discover-Ireland




Fun Fact #2: Did you know that in Ireland there is one giant tea kettle and that is where everyone in Ireland gets their hot water?

IRELAND 158539569.jpg.width.730



Fun Fact #3: Did you know all the homes (and castles) in Ireland are made of 100% grass?

Bonus Fun Fact: The houses (and castles) are all built by Hobbits.





OKAY, now that you know a few FACTS about Ireland here are a couple videos…

Alright! Those videos were super odd choices but if you’re really celebrating St. Patrick’s Day you’re probably drunk already anyway so it doesn’t matter!

Cheers my friends and have a wild, yet safe, night!




Drinking + Dancing = Yikes. oh, and Genesis.

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I can’t dance.

I really can’t dance.

I like to think I can and in my head I’m like “yea, I look really good”, but then there is always a video or a picture or even a mirror that makes me stop immediately and regret all my life choices. How well I think I’m dancing really depends on how many drinks I’ve had…

Two glasses of wine and I’m still a little reserved…

Now I’ve moved onto liquor drinks and this is what I think I’m doing….

When the entire time I’m actually doing this….

(I was going to say don’t bother watching the whole thing but I think the ending from 2:24 on may actually be the best part, so do what you will with that)

Anyway, the fact is I have accepted that I cannot and should not dance. (but probably still will when I’ve had a few drinks)

Really just wanted an excuse to show you these guys, because they are my favorite…. Introducing Les Twins…

Good thing we don’t need dance skills to make these…

Take a sip.

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Let us slip into something a little more comfortable…

go to the couch…

and then….


Check out the second child in the kitchenware family….


Go on, choose your vessel!