A cure for the Christmas blues…

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The holiday season is over. While the end of such a crazy time can bring feelings of peace and personal space that have been missing for at least the past three weeks, it can be hard to get back to normal. There is that twinge of sadness when the house becomes empty and all that’s left of presents is the paper they were wrapped in. There are no surprises left to give or receive.

Going from one extreme to another always requires some transitional time. And withdrawal from good hearty food, wine, gifts, family, more wine, can be dangerous when done so abruptly. So don’t let yourself or your loved ones suffer. Ease into it by giving more gifts!

Don’t let the post-holiday blues get you down. Treat – yo – self (or a friend) to something unexpected and fun.

Remember, winter can be an amazing time or it can be as depressing as jumping into a pile of yellow snow. So take it slow and buy stuff. 


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Join us on a magical ride…

LeMonkey House

We all know Christmas brings people together. What happens when said people get together is another story. For generations people have been getting the Christmas card wrong.

Who’s to blame for these hauntingly entertaining, sometimes disturbing images that make us chuckle whilst burning our eyes? For some, it seems maybe the intentions were good until the reality revealed something entirely, well, bad. Just bad. Although I find it hard to believe some of these weren’t contrived to be the most horrid Christmas cards ever, part of me is scared that maybe they did happen naturally.

Either way here are a few of my favorite picks (from a category with WAY TOO MANY options)…

Merry Christmas…

I can understand the thought process here… “oh, let’s be santa and reindeer!” … no.


It is shocking to me the number of nude Christmas photos there are out there. It is NEVER okay…


I actually like this one, mostly for the dad’s face…


Here is one of the “it’s too bad to be real” ones, but then I look into their eyes and I believe it. They are really selling it. I think maybe it’s the tiny goat wearing a Santa hat that makes this a top fiver for me…


These two are classics. I wish I was a member of either of these families…


Remember tan mom? We found her holiday card…


Now this one genuinely confused me. I think I might blame a photographer for this one. It’s obvious someone has exploited their the creative control. I mean, come on, the girl in the pajamas is sitting in a bucket, which is probably how she bathes considering they have no teeth and wear those very scary glasses. I imagine a very backwoodsy land lays outside those windows…


Told ya… so many…



Here we go… into the Hall of Fame section….



Are your eyes burning yet? Go, give them something nice to look at…


One the Eve of the great Turkey Day.


What is it about Thanksgiving that makes me giddy with excitement?

No… it’s not just the copious amounts of food and a free ticket to be fat and lazy for a day… though, that’s not too shabby of a deal…

At the risk of sounding cheesy and rehearsed, Thanksgiving is a great day for family.  You know, that group of close family and unhealthily close friends that you are most comfortable with.  The ones that if I decide to wear slippers all day and choose to not do a thing with my hair, I know won’t judge me.  That, above all, is the greatest gift one can be given.  So in preparation of the Day of the Gobbler: I plan on doing an extra workout in the morning, brushing up on my poker skills (yes, that’s how we roll), and making some rockin’ baked mashed potatoes.

Football, cards, excessive amounts of food, fuzzy slippers (the target ones are the best…  L.L. Bean’s got nothing on those bad boys), and my strangely entertaining and wonderful family.  Seriously, what more could one ask for?

Can’t wait.

I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and enjoy the slower pace for a day.  Unless you’re in retail, then I’m so sorry.  We’re not Black Friday people… and never could be.  If I walked into one of those places on Friday, I would just be apologizing to all of the workers the whole time and not paying attention to the middle aged women fighting over the last copy of Fifty Shades of Gray.

Cheers, guys!  Here’s a hand turkey…


Mural Installation

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Yesterday Raygan traveled to Fredericksburg, Virginia to install a giant mural on the wall of a new downtown restaurant. The restaurant is called Vivify Burger & Lounge and is owned by Blake and Aby Bethem, who are also the owners of Bistro Bethem! The mural is a picture of the Bethem’s three children, Finn, Parker Jules, and Jacob who have all been a big help in constructing the new restaurant. Raygan had a great time installing the beautiful picture (even without air conditioning!) and it turned out great! We hope all future customers really appreciate the mix of family and art in this design.