Facebook Highlights.

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Like many of you, I log onto Facebook simply out of boredom. There is no easier way to receive your daily dose of both instant gratification and instant frustration. Talking about Facebook is a different blog entirely and we won’t get into all that right now.


I will say today was a banner day for my Facebook feed. Many of my friends had unusually entertaining posts. I figured I would give you all the best so you can post them onto your Facebook instead of that picture of your kid or dinner, or you drinking wine, or you drinking wine whilst feeding your kid dinner. You get it.

Here are my Facebook Highlights….

1. Weather… Ummm Hell No.

2. This Guy AGAIN.

3. I Wonder What My Parent’s Would’ve Done With An iPhone.

4. When You’d Thought You’d Seen It All

5. This Confuses Me But I Like It

6. More Awesome Ideas I Will Never Be Able To Duplicate.

7. Ukraine Got Talent… Or Ukraine’s Got Talent. Either Way, Home Girl Got Talent.

8. Instant Gratification.

9. Farts and such…

9.5 Woah. Finally. I’ve Been Inventing A Version Of This For 15 Years!

10. Predictable, yet poignant.


So you see Facebook can be a very interesting thing, but it can also steal your life.

So there’s that.




Lighten Up

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There are so many things each day that threaten to push us over the edge of sanity. It is hard to keep things in perspective at times. Hence… Happy Hour.

Yet, as adults we … s l o w l y … learn to control our anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, and all that fun stuff. We learn to overcome the challenges of everyday life without flailing on the ground and crying…

Well, most of us.

Some have a harder time learning that bad things will happen no matter what you do. It is only our attitudes and decision that will change our circumstances, or at least how we view them.

Today’s post (and poster) are really dedicated to those with the underdeveloped adult skills. It is also for Charlie Sheen since I Googled anger and his picture seems to be the most popular image. I suppose that is some kind of achievement..

Congrats Charlie.

Honestly though, getting angry is in our nature, we can’t always control how we feel but we can take a moment and realize:

That this is a computer, it doesn’t know any better…


That we could’ve just as easily made a mistake…


People can just hang up on you…


You really don’t want to look like this…


or be compared to…


You aren’t this cute so this won’t work for you…


and most importantly…

Let us try to remember we are all in this together…