We Didn’t Start the Fire…

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… but Billy Joel did 65 years ago today – and I can guarantee that he (or anyone else for that matter) had no idea he would one day be married, and incidentally divorced, to an uptown girl like Christie Brinkley. Who, no offense, was exponentially out of his league. You make great records, Bill, but a hottie you are not so bravo for pulling that one off…

That’s right, folks, Captain Jack himself turned 65 years young today. Only the good die young, so I can only assume that Mr. Joel isn’t such an innocent man seeing as how he’s still in a New York state of mind.

Slow down, you’re doing fine, Billy.



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Now today is a very special day.


As a lover of pranks I thought I would bring you some inspiration today.

Anyone can prank. It doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. (it doesn’t even have to be April 1st)

So here are a few ideas for you. In case you haven’t pulled on over on someone yet, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!





Maybe some of THESE

you’re welcome.


These videos will have you feeling bipolar… in a good way.?

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I don’t know about you but I appreciate a good commercial.

Sure, most of the time they just make us angry or we ignore them all together. (unless it’s the Super Bowl)  But you can’t deny when you get sucked into a commercial and find yourself actually interested, amazed or even sad you have to give some love to the marketing teams. I will tell you that women tend to be a bit more observant in this matter. Or, maybe we are just more likely to have an emotional reaction to things, at least once a month. I’m just minding my business, eating my third chocolate bar, when WHAM..

and then I’m all…


Subaru people are either genius or in cahoots with Puffs and Kleenex.

That may not be true for all you ladies out there but I know I’m a sucker. For instance, I keep telling myself my next car will be a Subaru just because I love their commercials. I know nothing about Subarus, or cars for that matter. All I know is I have a hard time keeping it together for any Subaru commercial and I would seriously consider them now!

Here are a few more companies I would be happy to ignorantly support just because I love their commercials…





There are so many great advertisements out there. It makes you wonder why things like this are still happening….

or you could take things to the next level like this Thai commercial…

Thanks for ruining my week Thai Insurance.

I can understand why someone with a small budget would end up with something terrible. It’s just puzzling when even decent sized companies still end up with this…

Okay, now let’s dissect that video.

It seems like a well done commercial. Simple idea and straight to the point. So WHY are they getting so much wrong!

For starters,  I feel like that guy is hitting on me. Sure, he is a nice looking guy, but why is he just a tad older than he should be. Then, did they just tell him to wear a collared shirt and tuck it in, or was there actually a stylist behind this? Button up your shirt dude. Maybe, get a belt, actually maybe get a new outfit entirely. And is it just me or is his torso way out of proportion with the rest of his body? I feel like walking up to this guy and saying “Oh hey Brad (which I’m assuming is his name), I can’t believe you forgot to shave before your first acting gig in that Trivago commercial, how embarrassing”

All I’m saying is, there are companies who get it, companies who don’t have enough money to even try, and companies that have the money and should know better! We would all be grateful if those people put a little more thought into their advertisements!

Anyway…Let’s end this on a good note…


Be Inspired…

And Love…






Almost a rant, in my sweatpant. (yes sweatpant, so it rhymes.)

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I can’t take credit for it, but somehow I always seem to be able to find the most the most random stuff on the internet. I think I use search engines wrong. Here are some of my finds today…



random-owl Random+Stuff_5834e4_3171160


469810657_1374278962 images


There is so much stuff online, a lot of it is crap, but there are always people creating……. which we love. Still, I can’t help but wonder how these people have time. I mean that broccoli tree house is adorable, but I have to go to the bank and the grocery store and call my insurance company, ya know? That hippo is really cool, but photoshopping isn’t exactly what I want to do in my down time.

I feel we are advancing quickly technologically, too quickly for me to keep up with anyway, but at the same time our style and taste may just be getting a little worse. I mean Spongebob Squarepants is still really popular. Fashion, while I don’t claim to have a lot of taste in this area, I feel like people are trying to look bad. Stop spending a bunch of money to look homeless. Oh no, I feel this blog quickly turning into a rant.

Back to photos!….

pdwmYWe taD0FlW SpAekf4 MoJlcD6 june-random-stuff-18 7Z0AaNG 1sS59v5


Okay, I’m stopping for today. I’m starting to feel like my grandmother who thinks everything on the internet is amazing and emails me everyday with these “amazing” things she finds. I do have to give her credit for staying with the times better than I could ever hope to. (Disclaimer, my dearest Grandmother, if you see this, I mean it with LOVE) Personally, I fully intend on succumbing to old age and all the excuses that become available to me. Wheelchairs, early bird specials, handicap parking, “forgetting” things, naps, senior discounts, and rockin’ the sweatpants and white sneaks everywhere!




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Here is your daily dose of honesty. Your very large dose…

This first batch is by designer Viktor Hertz…

Honest-Slogans-1-600x442 Honest-Slogans-2-600x576 Honest-Slogans-4-600x473 Honest-Slogans-5-600x425 Honest-Slogans-6-600x540 Honest-Slogans-7-600x494 Honest-Slogans-8-600x378 Honest-Slogans-9-600x278 Honest-Slogans-10-600x323 Honest-Slogans-11-600x400 Honest-Slogans-12-600x506 Honest-Slogans-13-600x422 Honest-Slogans-14-600x694 Honest-Slogans-15-600x394 Honest-Slogans-16-600x426 Honest-Slogans-17-600x408 Honest-Slogans-18-600x467 Honest-Slogans-19-600x400


We don’t know who designed this second batch, sorry…

tumblr_lx1cjxcNQm1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx2azpvwvF1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx3avo3OQm1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx12maSoXK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx12xp9gXw1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx13b7Dy2I1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx15ds3kOL1r9pgsuo1_400 tumblr_lx27mxlLH81r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx29am3U4P1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx29znODai1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx38fxuMsx1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lx272u2bx41r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lxcaevHwtC1r9pgsuo1_r1_500 tumblr_lxjtkerMet1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_lybf1qikDv1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_m1vh9c6zmD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_m70iqrImII1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_m70kh7M2x01r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_muubxaGhm41r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_muvly1HQJ11r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mv5ggrQhsk1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mv5l7znfdh1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvd2dl3HZQ1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvepkqHt431r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvfxu6bEZK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvhs7qO8eg1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvibygGwuN1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvjwauIEVD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvlvafqb421r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvpk58oP9H1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvrpod3uJf1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvtpmp7mVz1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mvx97jEkuW1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mw6pt9q1LI1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mw8labYJPR1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mw60cuxCLj1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwa49zgJnD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwbucyasdF1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwmylxLSQ61r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwol3baSiN1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwp5cjvOpK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mwummk6kYg1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mx8z0zhU4E1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mxbebjV7gK1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mxig7krFZp1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mxmfctdghD1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_my9yq9qbAV1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_myfr13UeLr1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_myy6t8oTNV1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mz24a3Wb671r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mzd30ujoTt1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mzf7loSYEG1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mzoituYl3s1r9pgsuo1_500 tumblr_mztw1tUJIA1r9pgsuo1_500


You made it! Glad you stayed with us this far! Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did. Have a great weekend!!

Love you,



Learning. Daddy Issues. Giraffes.

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They say you learn something new everyday. That sentiment sounds so very whimsical but it may be total doo doo. I know for a fact there have been days I’ve done more forgetting than learning, days I have actually lowered my IQ. Learning something new everyday should be intentional. If I learn things accidentally in the process of life I’m not going to be upset about it but I think it’s important to take an active approach to learning.

As an adult we tend to become complacent. It’s understandable, we have already put in our time being forced to learn. We get into jobs where more often than not we are doing the same tasks day in and day out. Many of us will do this until we are old. At which point we will sit in “our” chair, clinging tightly to the remote, talking about old dogs and new tricks in a condescending tone. Well to this I say, no thank you. Learning is a privilege and can be so amazing when done by choice. When you take the time to learn about something you’ve always wanted to it empowers you. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you already know. It is a gift no one can take away from you and I LOVE gifts.

So lets get learning! Don’t have anything in particular you wanna learn about today?

It’s okay, we will take it slow and start with something fun……








Lets talk about giraffes.

  • Giraffes are the tallest mammals on Earth. Their legs alone are taller than many humans—about 6 feet.
  • They can run as fast as 35 miles an hour over short distances, or cruise at 10 mph over longer distances.
  • A giraffe’s neck is too short to reach the ground. As a result, it has to awkwardly spread its front legs or kneel to reach the ground for a drink of water.
  • Giraffes only need to drink once every few days. Most of their water comes from all the plants they eat.
  • Female giraffes give birth standing up. Their young falls more than 5 feet to the ground at birth.
  • Giraffes learn to stand just 30 minutes after birth and can run with their mothers just 10 hours after birth.
  • A giraffe’s feet are the size of a dinner plate—approximately 12 inches across.
    • Females use their hooves as weapons to protect their young. They are strong enough to kill a lion.
  • Both male and female giraffes have two distinct, hair-covered horns called ossicones. Male giraffes use their horns to sometimes fight with other males.
  • Giraffes are a ruminant, which means they have more than one stomach to help them digest their food. In fact, they have 4 stomachs!
  • A giraffe’s spots are much like human fingerprints. No two individual giraffes have exactly the same pattern.
  • The age of a giraffe can be calculated from its spots. The darker the spots, the older the giraffe.

Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_590915 Cute-Giraffe-Picture funny_giraffe_03 funny_giraffe_13 funny-cute-baby-giraffeFunny-Giraffe-Manor-in-Kenya-2funny-giraffe-quotesfunny-giraffes--39-pics----izismile-ckn2t9ixGiraffe-2_1407191a g4BwFyegiraffe-licking-squirrelimages-1

images-2 images url-1drunk-funnyfunny-giraffe-sleeping-butt_58718Funny-Duck-1

Okay, those last three photos weren’t exactly educational, I just thought they were funny.



A Glimpse into the Future…

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Sometimes you can be inspired by children. You see little glimmers of hope and it puts fears of the future at ease. Then sometimes you get these kids…

At least she is aiming high… or maybe she is just actually high.


She knows exactly what she wants?


I fear how Ashley is getting on now that “Hannah Montana” is CRAZY.


I mean it seems fair, she’s not asking for much and she is giving him plenty of warning…


This kid might actually be a genius, I hope Santa is online nowadays.


Of course her name is Tammy.



Who is Santa Caniple?



Oh I just love kids they are like tiny insane adults.

Have a great day…



Happy Anniversary!


So we just completed a fun little project for some old friends that turned out to be a rather funny story…

About 2 weeks ago, an old friend, Matt, sent us a message through our Etsy shop where he asked about getting a custom designed print to give his wife for their five year anniversary.  Their wedding being a bit blurry by now, it was hard to believe that it had already been five years.   While it was great just to hear from our old friend, we were even more excited to help him with this cool little project as well.  So as we were hashing out what we wanted to use for his gift (being foodies, we decided on the names of the restaurants at which they had memorable meals) – I then got a Facebook message from Amy (Matt’s wife) asking for a custom piece to give Matt for their Anniversary.  My first reaction was similar to that of:  “Oh, s**t, what if they want the same thing… who’s bubble do I have to burst?”  Then, I calmly let her lead the way, which worked out great as she decided to go with one of our vintage book page designs featuring their wedding song – “Happy Everafter in Your Eyes” by Ben Harper – so I was immediately subdued in my freak out and decided this is going to actually work out.

So, to make it even more freaky Friday, they both even went so far as to order their final designs as 18×24 canvases.  Two people couldn’t be any more perfect for eachother… I mean, really… as they say great minds think a like and I know they got a little chuckle when they exchanged gifts realizing that they had essentially thought of the same exact gift (I know this because, as expected, I got an email to let me know how funny it was).  Adorbs.


Holy Crap, It’s Friday the 13th.


It’s no secret that Friday the 13th holds special meaning to any and all horror movie buffs.  It’s like an exciting mini-Halloween, which is another special day for those of us that not only love scary movies, but haunted houses, trails, hayrides and really anything of the haunted nature and the acceptableness* to scare unsuspecting friends and small children.  This Friday the 13th just happens to be a very convenient prelude to Halloween itself, which is only a mere 48 days away.  I’m so excited I could pee.

But, (now I’m gonna’ drop a little history on you…)

The origins of the date (and by origins, I mean the first known mention of it in writing according to my quasi-research on the interwebs) go back about 200 years when it was decided to be an unlucky day.

Why, you ask?

Well, in Italian culture, Friday has always been thought of as an unlucky day.  It’s also specifically noted in The Canterbury Tales** as being an unlucky day to take trips to Niagara Falls or balance your checkbook (people still do this, yes?).

And, we all know, no matter what culture you’ve derived from, the number 13 is just evil, evil, evil.  All you triskaidekaphobians out there know what I’m talkin’ about…

That being said, Friday the 13th???  Holy Schnikes***, people!  Stay inside.  Don’t go anywhere today and most certainly not tonight.  It’s just too dangerous.

But we all know that luck and unluck only effect the superstitious, right?


Well, I’m here to say that I’ve walked underneath ladders way too many times to count and not only am I still standing, but my luck is just as crappy as it was before.  I hope that makes you feel better, it sure works for me.

Happy Friday the 13th, folks!  Bring on the black cats, broken mirrors and a baker’s dozen of anything delicious.


Crude excuses for footnotes:

*Real word?  Absolutely.  **Written in the 14th Century aka a really freakin’ long time ago…  ***If you don’t know what movie this is from, please stop reading, find out what movie it is, watch it, and come back after you’ve done so.

Here is a poster that is mildly related to this: