A Cleansing That Doesn’t Require A Toilet.

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I hope my blog the other day, ‘ramblings of a tired, disgusted frumpster‘, didn’t bring you down or leave you feeling dirty. I think we are all in need of a good cleansing of our mind, body and soul after that one…

It’s amazing that we live in a world where so much bad stuff happens naturally and yet we still seek it out. I am just as guilty as the next person but it still makes me wonder. Why do we need/want negativity in our lives?

Why do we create, and watch by the masses shows like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, and so many more. Just because our imaginations take us there doesn’t mean it’s good for us. Minus the vampires, zombies, and who knows what else is in some of those shows, a lot of the bad things acted out already happen in real life. So, why then do we feel the need to watch the same terrible things happen to hotter versions of people?

I don’t know. Maybe there are some scientific explanations or maybe it is something spiritual that we will never fully grasp. Either way, I know sometimes I just need a break from watching hot people get their faces eaten off.

So, here is a bunch of beautiful places and things to help your soul.

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and THIS < click to view someone who already did a better job than me.

and THIS < click here but maybe don’t click if you’re hungry

I hope this gave you a fill of goodness to counteract whatever weird thing you’re going to watch on t.v.

For a nice healthy balance of goodness with a little hint of the bad side…



There is definitely something indescribable about falling snow. The peace and tranquility it brings, the purity of when it lays untouched and the transformation of the landscapes can take our breath away! Is there anything better than finding yourself cuddling up with a good book near a roaring fire? This fairytale snow seems to make our world slow down just a little.


Still, the reality of snow is something of a different story, the fairytale snow’s evil twin. ImageImageImageImageImage

Snow just makes life harder. I said it slows the world down, it doesn’t stop it. So you still have to deal with the everyday grind, but now you have to layer your clothing until you can hardly move, shovel your car off, become overheated from all the shoveling, while your eyelashes freeze and travel at the pace of a slug to get where you need to go. We here at Le Monkey House just want to make life easier for you. So, don’t brave the elements, stay inside, cozy up and still get that shopping done. http://www.le-monkeyhouse.com


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