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Now today is a very special day.


As a lover of pranks I thought I would bring you some inspiration today.

Anyone can prank. It doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. (it doesn’t even have to be April 1st)

So here are a few ideas for you. In case you haven’t pulled on over on someone yet, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!





Maybe some of THESE

you’re welcome.

This one’s for you Ireland!

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Here is some Irish stuff…

8_Cliffs_of_Moher_Walking_Hiking_Ireland   Fun Fact: Did you know that in Ireland sheep are the main source of transportation?Discover-Discover-Ireland




Fun Fact #2: Did you know that in Ireland there is one giant tea kettle and that is where everyone in Ireland gets their hot water?

IRELAND 158539569.jpg.width.730



Fun Fact #3: Did you know all the homes (and castles) in Ireland are made of 100% grass?

Bonus Fun Fact: The houses (and castles) are all built by Hobbits.





OKAY, now that you know a few FACTS about Ireland here are a couple videos…

Alright! Those videos were super odd choices but if you’re really celebrating St. Patrick’s Day you’re probably drunk already anyway so it doesn’t matter!

Cheers my friends and have a wild, yet safe, night!




Christmas changes people. Me. Christmas changes me.

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I like to think I have decent taste. Obviously, most people probably think that about themselves or we wouldn’t have all the tasteless things in the world. I guess what I mean is I don’t watch terrible reality TV or buy frivolous things (I’ve been in a Spencers like once, out of curiosity.) My cell phone doesn’t have a tripped out case and I sometimes get self-conscience about wearing lipstick that is too flashy. I keep things classy and as I said, in good taste.

When it gets to be this time of year, however, I go a little cray cray.

I get it in my head that, yes, I must buy that t-shirt of a tiger dressed in a suit holding a cat, because “what a laugh that will get on Christmas”. Yea, my sister does need that lotion dispenser with the long handle so you can reach the middle of your own back. Obviously, Mom couldn’t live another day without the pillow for your feet that vibrates. I will admit to actually buying each and every single one of those gifts.

Unfortunately, my bad taste and decisions don’t end there. At Christmas time there is more crap on the TV lineup than usual. I mean ABC Family does 25 days of Christmas, which basically means I will be watching absolute garbage for 25 straight days and somehow feel justified. Here are some of the gems that I have indulged in thus far… (and remember we still have 8 days to go)

-Holidaze –


Yes, the token ice rink scene.

– The Mistle-Tones –


Featuring the always earth shattering acting of Tori Spelling.

– Christmas Cupid-


With a stellar cast featuring Christina Milian and Chad Michael Murray… yes!

– Holiday in Handcuffs –


Again, all I needed to know was who (Melissa Joan Hart & Mario Lopez) was in this and I was already hitting play.

– 12 Dates of Christmas –


Okay. I actually liked this one. Was the story line tired? Yes. Was the acting bad? By almost everyone. But, I will support anything with the adorable Amy Adams and the man that will forever be the hottest guy in school, Zack Morris I mean… Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar.

like a fine wine… (you are welcome ladies)


Sorry I got a little sidetracked there. I can no longer concentrate. So here is just the titles of a few more Christmas delights to get into this year.

– A Holiday for Love (yikes.)

– Desperately Seeking Santa ( Aren’t we all?)

– Snowglobe ( Wouldn’t you know it, that Christina Milian weaseled her way into another one.)

– Teen Spirit ( Not Smells Like…)

– Santa Baby – 1&2 ( If you can stand watching loud mouth Jenny McCarthy for two movies.)

– Snow – with these two…

MV5BMTY1OTgzMjk3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjg0MDY5MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR6,0,214,317_(who has time to find their real names?)

– Christmas Caper – (I haven’t actually seen this one, but the title looks promising.)

– Beauty & the Briefcase (with big toothed Hilary Duff)


-Special Delivery (with Andy Dick, so you know it’s good)




Join us on a magical ride…

LeMonkey House

We all know Christmas brings people together. What happens when said people get together is another story. For generations people have been getting the Christmas card wrong.

Who’s to blame for these hauntingly entertaining, sometimes disturbing images that make us chuckle whilst burning our eyes? For some, it seems maybe the intentions were good until the reality revealed something entirely, well, bad. Just bad. Although I find it hard to believe some of these weren’t contrived to be the most horrid Christmas cards ever, part of me is scared that maybe they did happen naturally.

Either way here are a few of my favorite picks (from a category with WAY TOO MANY options)…

Merry Christmas…

I can understand the thought process here… “oh, let’s be santa and reindeer!” … no.


It is shocking to me the number of nude Christmas photos there are out there. It is NEVER okay…


I actually like this one, mostly for the dad’s face…


Here is one of the “it’s too bad to be real” ones, but then I look into their eyes and I believe it. They are really selling it. I think maybe it’s the tiny goat wearing a Santa hat that makes this a top fiver for me…


These two are classics. I wish I was a member of either of these families…


Remember tan mom? We found her holiday card…


Now this one genuinely confused me. I think I might blame a photographer for this one. It’s obvious someone has exploited their the creative control. I mean, come on, the girl in the pajamas is sitting in a bucket, which is probably how she bathes considering they have no teeth and wear those very scary glasses. I imagine a very backwoodsy land lays outside those windows…


Told ya… so many…



Here we go… into the Hall of Fame section….



Are your eyes burning yet? Go, give them something nice to look at…

What’s a Christmas Gram? I want one!

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I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is fast approaching.

I wanted to get everyone in the holiday spirit with one of my personal favorite traditions, watching Elf…


Is it silly and childish, yes, but isn’t that the best part?

Christmas changes as you get older.

You can’t stay up all night giggling with excitement.

You can’t be the one selfishly ripping open all your gifts.

You can’t eat endless amounts of sweets without suffering the consequences.
I am going to hold on to what I can.

I think Will Ferrell does an Oscar worthy job of reminding us that Christmas is full of magic, sugar, joy, snowflakes, m&ms, maple syrup, unicorns and spaghetti.


Although I am totally for letting your inner child out for the holidays, you are old now and have responsibilities. So, this is the perfect time, as an adult, to start thinking of gifts for others. We want to help you get that part over with as quickly and easily as possible. Check out our store to get a head start on that shopping at  LE MONKEY HOUSE SHOP

Also…Check out our new poster designs!!


P.S. Look how weird Zooey Deschanel looks as a blonde….


P.S.S You smell like beef and cheese, you don’t smell like Santa.