Facebook Highlights.

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Like many of you, I log onto Facebook simply out of boredom. There is no easier way to receive your daily dose of both instant gratification and instant frustration. Talking about Facebook is a different blog entirely and we won’t get into all that right now.


I will say today was a banner day for my Facebook feed. Many of my friends had unusually entertaining posts. I figured I would give you all the best so you can post them onto your Facebook instead of that picture of your kid or dinner, or you drinking wine, or you drinking wine whilst feeding your kid dinner. You get it.

Here are my Facebook Highlights….

1. Weather… Ummm Hell No.

2. This Guy AGAIN.

3. I Wonder What My Parent’s Would’ve Done With An iPhone.

4. When You’d Thought You’d Seen It All

5. This Confuses Me But I Like It

6. More Awesome Ideas I Will Never Be Able To Duplicate.

7. Ukraine Got Talent… Or Ukraine’s Got Talent. Either Way, Home Girl Got Talent.

8. Instant Gratification.

9. Farts and such…

9.5 Woah. Finally. I’ve Been Inventing A Version Of This For 15 Years!

10. Predictable, yet poignant.


So you see Facebook can be a very interesting thing, but it can also steal your life.

So there’s that.




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Now today is a very special day.


As a lover of pranks I thought I would bring you some inspiration today.

Anyone can prank. It doesn’t have to be over the top or expensive. (it doesn’t even have to be April 1st)

So here are a few ideas for you. In case you haven’t pulled on over on someone yet, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!





Maybe some of THESE

you’re welcome.


Inspiration. Determination. Perspiration. Awolnation?

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We want to know what inspires you!

I’ve written before about the power of quotes. I don’t deny they are an amazing tool for sparking creativity or confidence. Still, sometimes is takes more than what someone else says to get the juices flowing.

For me it takes a swift kick in the bum. Maybe for you it takes a compelling image or song. Many of us won’t be inspired to make changes until it is too late. The old sayings are all true. “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, or “too little too late”, or anything else that makes you want to jump off a bridge you’ve heard it so many times.

Some people seem to have mastered the art of action. Those people who climb mountains, jump off buildings, live with monkeys, work with children, help the sick, go back to school, live in Siberia (see HAPPY PEOPLE) woah. Those people are inspiring. But why? What drives those people?

This is what we want to know! What drives people to do what they do.

Be an interactive part of the human race and leave us a comment letting us know what inspires you to do what you do. Who knows maybe you will be an inspiration to someone else.

So, we have inspiration which leads to determination which usually involves perspiration, which always ends up with Awolnation….

13-Woman-Determined 12268537-determination-on-the-face-of-a-traceur-climbing-the-wall-of-a-high-industrial-building-while-demonst Determination duckling-determination sad-marathon


Somehow AWOLNATION created a song that seems to inspire everyone. There are countless videos of people doing amazing things and pushing the limits while the song ‘Sail’ streams in the background.

Okay, that last one is a little off topic, unless you ask the question, “what inspired that person to take the time to create a video like that?” We are certainly grateful someone did.