A Glimpse into the Future…

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Sometimes you can be inspired by children. You see little glimmers of hope and it puts fears of the future at ease. Then sometimes you get these kids…

At least she is aiming high… or maybe she is just actually high.


She knows exactly what she wants?


I fear how Ashley is getting on now that “Hannah Montana” is CRAZY.


I mean it seems fair, she’s not asking for much and she is giving him plenty of warning…


This kid might actually be a genius, I hope Santa is online nowadays.


Of course her name is Tammy.



Who is Santa Caniple?



Oh I just love kids they are like tiny insane adults.

Have a great day…





Today is a day of reckoning.

I don’t think we give enough credit to those who have had a major impact on our lives.  (How could we? We are all so distracted by Miley Cyrus, who brings nothing to the table, I mean literally barely brings clothes)

Here’s to those who are so obviously important and memorable but most people probably don’t even know about them…

Richard Davis – a pizza delivery man who invented the bullet proof vest after being attacked by three armed robbers. He also founded Second Chance, a body armor manufacturer who was the first to use kevlar for armor.

Elwood Edwards – we all remember the soft, delightful sound of dialing up our internet. Finally hearing “You’ve Got Mail!” was the best sound ever. So here is a big thank you to Elwood Edwards, the man behind it all. He was the voice of the nation for so long. Confirming our significance with those three little words.

Lew Hewitt & Dee Horton – this duo invented the first automatic sliding doors  in 1954. People holding stuff have been subconsciously thanking you ever since… Well maybe not these people… yikes…

Dick Kelty – this outdoorsman is credited with inventing the backpack, and for that we thank you sir. Two strappin it fo sho.

Sylvan Goldman – tired arms thank you for inventing the shopping cart, first introduced on June 4, 1937.

Josephine Cochran – we could never thank you enough for the dishwasher, 1872

Mary Anderson – invented the windshield wiper in 1903, women always seem to invent the practical stuff…

Maria Beaseley & William Wouldhave (both are credited with versions of the life boat/ life raft) – the Life of Pi wouldn’t be nearly as epic without you and your craftiness.

There are so many random gadgets that make the world go round. We salute the inventors and creators who make modern life possible. Many are thought to be foolish or crazy and that makes them that much more awesome. Here’s to those obscure souls…


Best. Video. Ever.


Even though I do know what a fox says, this video/song is amazingly inventive and hilarious.  I can’t believe it’s taken so long for this to come into my life.  Thank you, Ylvis, you Norwegian geniuses.  Thank you.


I bet the title made you think I was going to post something about Miley’s new video for Wrecking Ball.

Well you wouldn’t be wrong.  I did watch it, and I just have a few things to say.  Which are:

1 – She looks pretty great

2 – She would look even better (and a little less desperate) if she didn’t lick that sledgehammer so much…

3 – The actual, literal wrecking ball:  Really?  I feel like we weren’t really thinking out of the box here.  I’m all for simplicity when it’s appropriate, but a little more effort, please. 

4 – Awesome boots.

5 – If I were Billy Ray Cyrus, I think I would be on the verge of removing my own eyes and making damn sure I never see this video.

6 – I still only see a young, lost little girl, so the naked and writhing around on a giant steel ball admittedly makes me slightly uncomfortable.  Only slightly… I’m no prude by any means, but isn’t she still like 14?

7 – I know she’s not 14.

8 – She seems upset.  She should watch some Ylvis videos.

That is all.

Some Advice for Miley…


After all the buzz surrounding Miley Cyrus at the VMAs (which I missed) I obviously had to YouTube her performance.


That was rough.

I thought seriously about dedicating today’s blog as a letter of advice to the poor girl. Then realized…

A)  That would the kind of post a creepy fan would write

B)  Miley will never see it, which is so sad because I have such good advice

C) There is not enough time in the day to compose a list of advice for that child

D) I don’t care.

I’m going to assume our readers out there are the sane ones who understand what I’m talking about for the most part. So, I don’t feel the need to rehash all the severe, SEVERE mistakes that young Miley made. I just want to give this to Miley and her team, who are the people who should really be blamed. You can’t tell me no one saw that girl’s hair, outfits, makeup, and “dance” before they put her on television. We can all have a laugh together and move on. I don’t want to add anymore fuel to this fire than it is already getting.

Sometimes less is more Miley ( and I don’t mean clothing)…

WoodWallNaturalTEMPLATE P.S. Can anyone explain when the foam finger thing became sexy?