There is definitely something indescribable about falling snow. The peace and tranquility it brings, the purity of when it lays untouched and the transformation of the landscapes can take our breath away! Is there anything better than finding yourself cuddling up with a good book near a roaring fire? This fairytale snow seems to make our world slow down just a little.


Still, the reality of snow is something of a different story, the fairytale snow’s evil twin.¬†ImageImageImageImageImage

Snow just makes life harder. I said it slows the world down, it doesn’t stop it. So you still have to deal with the everyday grind, but now you have to layer your clothing until you can hardly move, shovel your car off, become overheated from all the shoveling, while your eyelashes freeze and travel at the pace of a slug to get where you need to go. We here at Le Monkey House just want to make life easier for you. So, don’t brave the elements, stay inside, cozy up and still get that shopping done.


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The magic of Christmas!

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Christmas is right around the corner and I’m finding it harder and harder to control myself.

As the baby of my family I’ve been treated as such and I think I’ve milked that for longer than most.

If I could I would transport back in time to be a child on Christmas morning I would.¬†Nothing beats the “magic” Christmas morning used to bring.

Alas, the you get older the quicker the Christmas “magic” fades and you begin to see behind the curtain of LIES.

No, Santa did not bring those gifts.

Yes, your dad ate those cookies.

Those twinkle lights aren’t so amazing when you are the one untangling them.

Then again there is usually a lot of booze around Christmas time and being old enough to drink in front of Grandma is magical too! So maybe it’s not so bad.

We here at Monkey House want to make your adult Christmas as hassle free and magical as it can be. What could be easier than ordering a custom poster and having it sent directly to you or your loved ones?

Nothing. That’s what.

Go. is in full swing!

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Le Monkey House’s sale is live at and goes through to Sunday night.¬† We’re selling 25 different designs in the sale and a limited quantity of each, so go have a look before your favorites are gone (but still available in our Etsy store)…!

Click on the link below to get some Fab in your life:

4th of July weekend!

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Like I mentioned earlier today, we will be packing up some designs and sending them out to the warehouse where they will be sold to many lucky buyers! The calendar page on displays all the new and upcoming sales which will be featured this month. Le Monkey House designs will be featured on the 22nd, so it will be shown on the calendar shortly! These designs will also be available under the Art tab once they are published to the site.

Now since this weekend is the Fourth of July we may be a little short on blog posts, but don’t worry, there will be many others to share after this weekend’s festivities! Here in Culpeper most of our town gathers in our park and eats amazing food from the food trucks (the chicken on a stick is my favorite!), drinks beer and snow cones, and watches the fireworks after they grill out. The fireworks can be seen from almost anywhere in town as long as you are high enough up (most people sit on their roofs). During the day there are several sports games that go on, such as baseball, and the soccer tournaments held in the morning are so fun. An Independence Day Parade is also held, which always features big floats and old fashioned cars driving through town on Main Street. A Freedom 5k race is also held, along with the InDOGpendence day walk, which helps raise money for the new dog park being built. This particular weekend really brings the town together where we can share in the festivities of celebrating our country. If anyone is interested in any of the events being held in Culepeper or volunteering you cans go see the schedule of events and registration forms on

Remember to be safe this weekend and enjoy!