Hollywood is a zoo.

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Soooo, this is pretty self explanatory…




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Happy Friday.


I’m starting to think there are too many people in this world. Slash that, I KNOW there are too many people in this world. I’m not saying I don’t think everyone is unique and special and precious and all that jazz, I’m simply saying we could use a plague.


Honestly, there are so many people that we are starting to look alike. Doppelgangers springing up everywhere!


It’s easy to start thinking the world is small when you go to the same job, using the same route, eat at the same restaurants, and spend time on Facebook day after day. These things aren’t wrong but they can start to give us a false sense of reality. I’m serious about the Facebook one. Has anyone else experienced this? When two friends from the most distant corners of my past will be friends or “like” each others baby photos. I’m all, “How could those people possibly know each other.” Weird.

I got sidetracked there… ah… yes… OVERPOPULATION.

I went ahead an put the link right there for you. If you click on the word overpopulation ^ and it doesn’t cause a little bit of a panic in you then, well, you’re probably a normal, well adjusted person unlike me.

Maybe I’ve watched too many movies like World War ZOutbreakContagion28 Days LaterChildren of MenI Am Legend, and so on. I’m just fascinated by pandemics, epidemics, syndemics, academics (j/k slipped that one in there to keep you on your toes) just any apocalyptic type of event. And when I say fascinated I mean terrified. Whenever I see masses of people I just see this…




which leads to this…


and I don’t have one of these yet..



or these…



I’m still waiting on this to arrive…



And this….



makes you wonder why they build houses any other way.

I don’t really know where I’m headed with this blog. Babies are cute, maybe just have less? I don’t know.

This person seems to have one solution…


What are your thoughts on overpopulation?



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What is important to you?

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Let’s talk about priorities. I’ve personally never been very good at setting them. Priorities speak loudly about what’s important to you. If you claim to love something or someone but they are put behind other things then you are a liar.

So here are some examples of people who make me feel better about myself… LjnLckX pic-dump-36-1 pic-dump-69-10 pic-dump-284-10 pic-dump-324-13 pic-dump-518-10i.chzbgr-1 i.chzbgr-2 i.chzbgr

Now go prioritize.



People watching is one of my all time favorite things. I think this is a common trait for weirdo, socially awkward introverts such as myself. Writers have attempted from the beginning of time to describe their fellow man. Cavemen used to draw pictures on walls trying to capture the essence of men and women in their natural state. Which, back in those days was probably just a lot of hunting, gathering and celebrating fire making.

Still, after all these years people are still most fascinated by people. Actually, people are most fascinated by themselves, but then other people. Okay, maybe themselves and then food, but then definitely other people. Okay, okay, themselves, food, iPhones, then other people.

Maybe I love people watching because it’s always a unique experience. Maybe it’s because it’s free, or takes the focus off of me which leaves me free to judge other people’s life choices for awhile. It’s definitely not because it’s easier than making real friends…Mom! Whatever the reason, I love it.

There are so many good people watching spots but you have to mix it up or you become that weirdo that is always lingering. The airport is amazing to people watch but for fear of being a suspected terrorist I only take advantage of that spot when I’m actually traveling. The mall is a good one but then there are those pesky kiosk people always trying to curl just one strand of your hair, or put weird lotions on you. I have an idea, how about you don’t touch me stranger, k, thanks. The beach is good but that is for vacation, so I use that time to relax and take a break from the difficult task of people watching. Honestly though you can people watch anywhere.

Where are you right now? The coffee shop? The office? If you are anywhere there are people, stop reading this and just watch them. Give it a few minutes and if nothing happens then you can go back to “working” but if something funny happens let us know.

Now is the perfect time. The weather is starting to get nice again and that means you can go to parks and take advantage of free outside people watching pleasure. I am taking advantage of this beautiful day and sitting by the river and let me tell you it is prime material out today. I have seen the following:

  • A very large man (not fat, just tall and all round huge man) walking a huge great dane which of course had to poo right next to me.
  • The young couple that has been sitting on the banks of the river for a very long time now and obviously haven’t been together too long or the hormones are just raging because they are snuggling so hard it looks like they are feeding on each other.
  • The countless joggers – none of them look to be in very good shape, but it is technically still winter so I will cut them some slack.
  • The group of businessmen who just had to stand right next to me and discuss things a little lady like myself couldn’t possibly understand.
  • The woman who let her toddler (whose tiny legs are apparently faster than her normal human size legs) run into the road, lesson learned (disclaimer – I know this happens and parents try their hardest and since I have no children I will not pass judgement on that one)
  • The policeman who is currently scooping up his horses poo with… I sh** you not (pun intended)… a dustpan. There is a lot of poop involved in my people watching experiences apparently.
  • The family that is obviously on vacation (they could be the real life Griswolds) with a teenage daughter and almost teenage son who aren’t the slightest bit interested in facts about the naval ships. Yet, the daughter (let’s just call her Audrey) seems to be finding tons of stuff to Instagram anyway.
  • The young men, and not so young men, that seem to think it is totally acceptable to gargle their snot and spit anywhere they want… guess what? You’re gross and everyone hates you.
  • The older gentlemen, who reminds me of Sean Connery, that has been sitting on the bench across the courtyard from me, doing his share of people watching. In between the naps he has been taking of course.
  • And lastly, rounding off the day, Chris, the homeless man, who sat right next to me on the bench, despite the many other perfectly good benches available. He waited a very long time before telling me how impressive I was for being able to type so quickly. He also stated rather loudly as a large group of people passed that he has 6 girls, and then after what seemed to be a eternity, clarified those girls are his daughters. I’m fairly confident half of this town thinks I work for Chris now, servicing the men here. Thanks Chris.

So that was my day of people watching. I would keep going but the birds are starting to act weird over my head and I fear more poop will be in store if I stay here. Also, the empty can of Vienna Sausages left behind by Chris is starting to smell.Image www.le-monkeyhouse.com

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I love quotes.

Maybe it’s because they inspire or because they provoke such strong emotions. Most likely it’s because nobody is right ALL the time. Quotes can summarize all the good a person has to offer without showing when things start to get dumb. They are a “best of” for people’s thoughts and words. Obviously, there are more than enough stupid people in this world to provide us with a equally steady stream of ridiculous quotes.

In my opinion, it is nice to be able to read a quote or two from someone and make up my mind about them. Who has time to really get to know someone anyway?! No sir. Just give me the highlights of what they said and I will take it from there.

Our newest quote poster will really get you thinking. Mark Twain has a way of getting to the core of the issue. We hope this poster is an inspiration for you today…