We Didn’t Start the Fire…

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… but Billy Joel did 65 years ago today – and I can guarantee that he (or anyone else for that matter) had no idea he would one day be married, and incidentally divorced, to an uptown girl like Christie Brinkley. Who, no offense, was exponentially out of his league. You make great records, Bill, but a hottie you are not so bravo for pulling that one off…

That’s right, folks, Captain Jack himself turned 65 years young today. Only the good die young, so I can only assume that Mr. Joel isn’t such an innocent man seeing as how he’s still in a New York state of mind.

Slow down, you’re doing fine, Billy.





We all have a “man” in our lives that is bringing us down. (for many that statement is literal, stupid boys)

Many would say the government is taking that big ole cake right now. I won’t argue that, (bunch of babies) but I digress…

Who or what is the “man” in your life right now?

There are all the obvious ones;

– your boss – I can’t help but imagine Bill Lumbergh here…

– your bills – oh, you mean that’s due EVERY month?

– your neighbor – there is a reason I avoid you.

– your car – yes, I did want you to break down today, thank you.

– your pants – too loose, too tight, pants are always holding me down, shackles in the form of denim.


Whatever your “man” is, don’t let him hold you down.  Take some pointers from Empire Records.  Just do what you want and throw a huge party and raise enough money to save the day.



Arrested Development.

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I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get enough and we here at Le Monkey House couldn’t be more stoked that Netflix took the show under it’s wing and brought us more of the unbelievably dysfunctional Bluth family.

That being said, we would also like to take this time to thank Netflix for having better shows than most cable channels.  (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer…)  I mean, consider the game “upped.”  I can only hope that cable takes the hint and gets a little more selective about what they put on air.  I’m also certain that some shows could only make it to television by accident.

Let me explain:  So maybe when someone sent in a reel of their overweight child in a beauty pageant saying “hilarious” things and being sassy, an intern (whom should be fired) mixed the tape up with the one sent in about the 12-year old that got accepted to Harvard.  By the time any one noticed the mishap, it was too late…

I’m fairly certain I don’t need to argue the fact that reality television needs to die a swift and painful death.  If I hear one more “desperate housewife” (or husband for that matter) yukking it up in the line at Safeway about how “That Chloe Kardashian is a real firecracker” I’m going to throw myself them into oncoming traffic.

I know that sounds drastic, but it would be a much less painful way to go than to sit around and wait for all of our children to turn into Honey Boo Boo and their parents aspiring to be on the Real Housewives to show the world “how they do it in the _________ house.”

Stop it.

That, kids, is what is referred to as a “tangent.”



Rainy Friday Funday.


Music turned up?  Check.

Soft blanket-scented Yankee candle lit?  Check.

Work being accomplished?  Checkity-check-check-check.

What is it about Fridays that puts people in a good mood?  I’m sure it’s not the same across the board, but there’s just something in the air on Fridays that isn’t present any other day of the week.  Certainly not Mondays…

Maybe it’s the hopefulness of the excitement that could be in store over the weekend.  Or could it simply just be that thought that you get to wake up on Saturday morning without having to set an alarm… unless you’re like me and you wake up later than usual in a panic thinking it’s a work day and you’ve somehow missed an extremely important appointment that is going to ruin your entire life.

Maybe that’s just me.  I am a bit of a worrier… that’s why they call me whiskers.

Today is the creative day around here, where we come up with new ideas and try to make people like it.  Strike that.  Love it.  We want you to love it.

Enjoy your Friday, kids.  It only happens once a week.  Image

Customer Appreciation!

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We absolutely adore when customers let us know how happy they are with our products.  That being said, we become giddy with joy when a customer sends us photos of our work in their new environment.  Recently, we did a custom 3′ x 4′ poster for a lovely fella’ down in Texas using our city designs for both Houston and Seattle.  He was so thrilled with it that he set us a little photo collage of the framed poster in his sleeping quarters along with a nice little note — “Love the print! I took a few pictures of it up. The pics don’t do it justice but feel free to use it! I love my bedroom even more now!”


We love his style and excitement for design.  So we say keep ’em coming!  We love to see where Le Monkey House items are now residing.

Thanks to our awesome customers and we hope to see more photos.


~Team ChikPea

Saturday Morning

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Great news! This past Saturday morning we sold seven Outer Banks Neighborhoods posters on our Etsy page! Each one was purchased by a different person and we thought it was something special we would share with you! (A copy of the poster is shown below). We are just so happy that people are falling in love with these designs because they really express such creativity and joy in our eyes. Keep ordering your own copies of LeMonkey House posters!

Outer Banks Towns - Typography poster print

Thank You Fab.com!

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The Fab.com feature is over! We want to give a big thank you to Fab.com for featuring Raygan’s beautiful designs on their site and thanks to everyone who went online and checked out or bought Raygan’s designs! Weren’t they awesome?! It has been so fun working to get all these creations ready to be featured and sold online, but it is also a great relief to finally be able to relax a little. And here’s some even better news: thanks to fab.com, we are purchasing a new printer! The printer is an EPSON 9890 and will be perfect for printing larger prints. Now our customers will have the option to purchase their favorite designs in a much larger format!


Image converted using ifftoany33

Packed House

July, LeMonkey House

Just as a reminder, Le Monkey House posters will be featured and available on Fab.com this July 22nd! Please be sure to keep looking out for the designs! They each are beautifully crafted and have the perfect amount of color and wit. In the studio we are working hard to get all of Raygan’s designs packed up to get ready for shipping, and before you know it they will be arriving at the Fab.com warehouse and sent to your front door! Right now there are several different designs being printed, cut, packed, and put into shipping boxes. Each poster is specially handled to ensure that you get the best quality print you can, and although the process may be lengthy, it is what we do to promise beautiful designs for our customers.

If anyone would like to  see what more of the posters look like (or if you haven’t checked them out yet) you can go onto Le Monkey House’s Facebook page and click through our photo albums. One photo album features Geo-Graphic poster designs, which have all been posted on this blog, and Film-Inspired poster designs (shown below). Remember that if you have any questions there is a page (Hi, there!) where you can leave comments or ask us anything about the designs featured on this blog. Or you could also comment below any of the posts.

63067_143633485809825_896443329_n 562261_143633622476478_335969802_n 10196_143633635809810_1880917625_n 550017_143633655809808_1440716707_n 562206_143633662476474_997831944_n 601977_143633825809791_1639610817_n 580339_143633812476459_315036768_n 483289_143633815809792_2133982686_n