My book page poster is smarter than your honor student…

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Okay, I know the blog title doesn’t make any sense but…
I realized today that maybe I haven’t featured our book pages yet!

These posters are one of my favorite designs here at Le Monkey House.

Get your hands on one of these beauties here:

Mark Monday.

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We wanted an excuse to show off a couple newer designs so we will call this Mark Monday.

il_570xN.554750908_hoxx il_570xN.554838615_8lj4 il_570xN.554842951_kbo8

Enjoy these great quotes from Mark Twain?

Check out other quotable people and fantastic posters at….

Designs to die for…

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Check out our newest creation at Le Monkey House! The line is a work in progress and is inspired by all things kitchen.



We will keep you updated on the new designs and how you can get your hands on them!



There is definitely something indescribable about falling snow. The peace and tranquility it brings, the purity of when it lays untouched and the transformation of the landscapes can take our breath away! Is there anything better than finding yourself cuddling up with a good book near a roaring fire? This fairytale snow seems to make our world slow down just a little.


Still, the reality of snow is something of a different story, the fairytale snow’s evil twin. ImageImageImageImageImage

Snow just makes life harder. I said it slows the world down, it doesn’t stop it. So you still have to deal with the everyday grind, but now you have to layer your clothing until you can hardly move, shovel your car off, become overheated from all the shoveling, while your eyelashes freeze and travel at the pace of a slug to get where you need to go. We here at Le Monkey House just want to make life easier for you. So, don’t brave the elements, stay inside, cozy up and still get that shopping done.


LeMonkey House

The magic of Christmas!

LeMonkey House

Christmas is right around the corner and I’m finding it harder and harder to control myself.

As the baby of my family I’ve been treated as such and I think I’ve milked that for longer than most.

If I could I would transport back in time to be a child on Christmas morning I would. Nothing beats the “magic” Christmas morning used to bring.

Alas, the you get older the quicker the Christmas “magic” fades and you begin to see behind the curtain of LIES.

No, Santa did not bring those gifts.

Yes, your dad ate those cookies.

Those twinkle lights aren’t so amazing when you are the one untangling them.

Then again there is usually a lot of booze around Christmas time and being old enough to drink in front of Grandma is magical too! So maybe it’s not so bad.

We here at Monkey House want to make your adult Christmas as hassle free and magical as it can be. What could be easier than ordering a custom poster and having it sent directly to you or your loved ones?

Nothing. That’s what.




I love quotes.

Maybe it’s because they inspire or because they provoke such strong emotions. Most likely it’s because nobody is right ALL the time. Quotes can summarize all the good a person has to offer without showing when things start to get dumb. They are a “best of” for people’s thoughts and words. Obviously, there are more than enough stupid people in this world to provide us with a equally steady stream of ridiculous quotes.

In my opinion, it is nice to be able to read a quote or two from someone and make up my mind about them. Who has time to really get to know someone anyway?! No sir. Just give me the highlights of what they said and I will take it from there.

Our newest quote poster will really get you thinking. Mark Twain has a way of getting to the core of the issue. We hope this poster is an inspiration for you today…



Command + S

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Save it

Save Money

Save TIme

Save Fuel

Save the Planet

Save a Life

Save the Animals

Save Water

Save the Day

Save your Soul

Save Face

Save Energy

Save As

Save Yourself

Save Me

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World…

okay that last one is a stretch but I’m running out of ideas.

Safe to say, the word SAVE has earned it’s own poster…



The Three Amigos

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We decided to take a little field trip and introduce our larger canvas posters to the neighborhood.

Somehow we stumbled into the skate park and made a few friends. Tim, John, and Solomon were more than obliging. They were such cool guys and to say they are free spirited is an understatement.

Here a few of the shots of the guys doing their thing… (and our posters look pretty awesome too)


IMG_1900 IMG_1906IMG_1911

IMG_1896    IMG_1910  IMG_1917 IMG_1936IMG_1918  IMG_1926  IMG_1919

What Do You See?


This world is CRAY CRAY. There is so much going on it’s easy to miss the little things.

Staying away from yet another blog post about life and how we all need to live it and love blah blah blah…

I’m just going to show you awesome pictures…

These people are loving life, and she has a full beard, way to overcome girl!


This guy is going places…


In addition to his mad skills, this guy has the spirit of a child… awesome.


This clever man can levitate using only dirty concrete…


If only we all saw things through the eyes of children… maybe then we would finally admit aliens exist…


Stop carrying around the weight of others… This guy knows what to do with them…


Okay, this lady isn’t having the best day but it makes for a good picture…


That’s one hell of a profile dude…


These ain’t movin…. or are they???…


Okay Okay these don’t exactly prove my point. I’m just sayin’ it’s up to you what you see in the world around you. So we might as well have some fun with it.


Dun Dun Dun…

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Man, we really missed the boat on shark week. (pun intended.)

After many years of self reflection I have come to the conclusion that Jaws is to blame for my fear of the ocean. Fear is an understatement, TERROR of the ocean.

I am not bashing the movie by any means, I think the movie is a great white of a film. (ha! I did it again)

People seem to just enjoy movies and move on with their lives, not me. I may be a little sensitive to things, but movies really get to me.

Some examples:

I didn’t speak for a week after seeing Titanic.

I jump from my bed instead of just putting my feet down by the edge and I NEVER look under my bed! I can thank Poltergeist for that one.

I won’t go into water I can’t see the bottom of, and while I want to see the world I will leave places like the Amazon off my bucket list. Thanks Anaconda

I will never live out my dream of meeting a handsome, charming foreigner at the airport and having him sweep me off my feet and showing me some exotic city… TAKEN. No.

The desert and back woods are both things I avoid at all costs. The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn.

While I’m fairly confident I would be the first person to die if there was ever a natural disaster, zombie apocalypse, pandemic, fire, plane crash or anything to do with being stranded (or in the ocean), these movies aren’t helping matters;

– The Impossible, Twister, Dante’s Peak, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow…

– 28 Days Later, World War Z, I Am Legend….

– Contagion, Breakout, Children of Men…

– Backdraft, Ladder 49…

– Alive, The Grey, The Perfect Storm, White Squall, Life of Pi…

There are really too many to name. I don’t know why I keep subjecting myself to things that will only make more paranoid. Honestly, I’m only one scary movie away from needing a padded room as it is.

I hope you are reading this and saying “wow, this person is such a wuss”.

But if you are reading this thinking “I FEEL THE SAME WAY!” Well, let’s start a group then.

This blog has drifted to a completely different topic. What was I talking about again? Oh yea…

SHARK WEEK!!  Sharks are real, and scary. I want nothing to do with them. They are majestic and fascinating but they will bite your limbs off, no thanks sharks.

So my advice is to stay out of the ocean, and…

cars, planes, buses, boats, beaches, tall buildings, subways, wooded areas, deserts, rivers… oh screw it we are all doomed.