A Glimpse into the Future…

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Sometimes you can be inspired by children. You see little glimmers of hope and it puts fears of the future at ease. Then sometimes you get these kids…

At least she is aiming high… or maybe she is just actually high.


She knows exactly what she wants?


I fear how Ashley is getting on now that “Hannah Montana” is CRAZY.


I mean it seems fair, she’s not asking for much and she is giving him plenty of warning…


This kid might actually be a genius, I hope Santa is online nowadays.


Of course her name is Tammy.



Who is Santa Caniple?



Oh I just love kids they are like tiny insane adults.

Have a great day…



When I think of Santa, my mind is flooded with happiness.  The feeling of security and warmth is tangible.    I can almost taste the candy canes and gum drops.  I can smell hot chocolate and cookies.  I can feel the tickle of of his beard and the whispering of elves.  That’s what Santa means to me.  Today, I learned this not the case for most children.  The truth is…Santa…is TERRIFYING!


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