A cure for the Christmas blues…

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The holiday season is over. While the end of such a crazy time can bring feelings of peace and personal space that have been missing for at least the past three weeks, it can be hard to get back to normal. There is that twinge of sadness when the house becomes empty and all that’s left of presents is the paper they were wrapped in. There are no surprises left to give or receive.

Going from one extreme to another always requires some transitional time. And withdrawal from good hearty food, wine, gifts, family, more wine, can be dangerous when done so abruptly. So don’t let yourself or your loved ones suffer. Ease into it by giving more gifts!

Don’t let the post-holiday blues get you down. Treat – yo – self (or a friend) to something unexpected and fun.

Remember, winter can be an amazing time or it can be as depressing as jumping into a pile of yellow snow. So take it slow and buy stuff. 


Go to http://www.le-monkeyhouse.com and cure your loved ones of their sorrows today!


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Our little bumblebee of a boss Raygan has been hard at work lately. After taking some sick days I come back to the studio to find new designs, paper flying everywhere, and our fearless leader crying in the corner….

Okay, okay just kidding. Raygan is rocking Le Monkey Houses world. I’m starting to think maybe I should get sick more often because I am really diggin’ the new designs she has come up with.

The beginning of a blueprint collection…here is one of my favorites…

leather sofa

What’s a Christmas Gram? I want one!

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I know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is fast approaching.

I wanted to get everyone in the holiday spirit with one of my personal favorite traditions, watching Elf…


Is it silly and childish, yes, but isn’t that the best part?

Christmas changes as you get older.

You can’t stay up all night giggling with excitement.

You can’t be the one selfishly ripping open all your gifts.

You can’t eat endless amounts of sweets without suffering the consequences.
I am going to hold on to what I can.

I think Will Ferrell does an Oscar worthy job of reminding us that Christmas is full of magic, sugar, joy, snowflakes, m&ms, maple syrup, unicorns and spaghetti.


Although I am totally for letting your inner child out for the holidays, you are old now and have responsibilities. So, this is the perfect time, as an adult, to start thinking of gifts for others. We want to help you get that part over with as quickly and easily as possible. Check out our store to get a head start on that shopping at  LE MONKEY HOUSE SHOP

Also…Check out our new poster designs!!


P.S. Look how weird Zooey Deschanel looks as a blonde….


P.S.S You smell like beef and cheese, you don’t smell like Santa.

We Are Growing!

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Today we have been working on getting our wholesale packets together! We would love to start reaching out to wholesalers to feature LeMonkey House designs in their boutiques and shops, so we are getting prepared! There is a lot to be added to our website (more than we originally had thought!) and we are making sure everything we (and you) need will be available very soon. Between the research, typing, and technicalities I would say we pretty much have this stuff down and will be ready in no time to continue the advancement of LeMonkey House designs! We are so excited to start news things and we are well on our way with the addition of our large format printer and wholesaler outreach. We would like to thank everyone who already supports LeMonkey House and Chikpea Graphics and we hope you will continue to love our work and support us down the road. This business will continue to grow and I’m sure there will be many more surprises to come. You will not be disappointed!


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The fab.com feature is coming up quickly (just 10 days!) and we are preparing Raygan’s LeMonkey House poster designs as fast and efficient as we can for delivery to the fab.com warehouse. We’ve been cutting cardboard, ordering plastic covers, printing hundreds of posters, and packaging the final products all for you! (you can thank us later when you receive your amazing poster). These posters will only be available for purchase on the website for a limited time, so make sure to keep your eyes open for the date and time on the site’s calendar page. Here’s how it works: each day there is a new artist or designer featuring their work and fab.com will display their name, the name of their designs, the start day, and the time slot under daily sales. You can go ahead and click on the name of the designer or product name and you will be taken to a page displaying a little biography about the artist and some photo examples of their work. Make sure to look for Raygan Ketterer and go see her beautiful designs when her name is up on the calendar!