Happy Anniversary!


So we just completed a fun little project for some old friends that turned out to be a rather funny story…

About 2 weeks ago, an old friend, Matt, sent us a message through our Etsy shop where he asked about getting a custom designed print to give his wife for their five year anniversary.  Their wedding being a bit blurry by now, it was hard to believe that it had already been five years.   While it was great just to hear from our old friend, we were even more excited to help him with this cool little project as well.  So as we were hashing out what we wanted to use for his gift (being foodies, we decided on the names of the restaurants at which they had memorable meals) – I then got a Facebook message from Amy (Matt’s wife) asking for a custom piece to give Matt for their Anniversary.  My first reaction was similar to that of:  “Oh, s**t, what if they want the same thing… who’s bubble do I have to burst?”  Then, I calmly let her lead the way, which worked out great as she decided to go with one of our vintage book page designs featuring their wedding song – “Happy Everafter in Your Eyes” by Ben Harper – so I was immediately subdued in my freak out and decided this is going to actually work out.

So, to make it even more freaky Friday, they both even went so far as to order their final designs as 18×24 canvases.  Two people couldn’t be any more perfect for eachother… I mean, really… as they say great minds think a like and I know they got a little chuckle when they exchanged gifts realizing that they had essentially thought of the same exact gift (I know this because, as expected, I got an email to let me know how funny it was).  Adorbs.



Let’s Get Weird

August, Wedding Invitation Designs

Let’s get weird! One of the new wedding invitation designs Raygan has been working on is simply adorable and quite distinct. It’s refreshing to see brides think outside the box and experiment with new designs that aren’t the traditionally fancy invitations. Lucy and Will’s wedding invitations are cute, fun, and much more interesting than the average wedding invitation. Their designs feature dog silhouettes, a quirky RSVP, and even give guests the option to request a song to be played at the reception! These invitations will surely bring a smile to every guest who receives them and they are definitely a keeper for memories! I’m sure their wedding will be fun and “weird” just like the invitations! (And by “weird” we mean absolutely entertaining and lively!).



Timeline Invitations

July, Wedding Invitation Designs

New wedding invitations are here! Jeff and Christine are getting married later this year and have some unique invites for their guests! The invitations are somewhat of a timeline of when the couple started dating, when the engagement occurred, and the wedding date of course! (Also in case the guests were unsure of what to expect at the wedding, the couple wrote it out for them: music, marriage, dancing!) The design also features penguin figures in the bottom corners, which are just adorable. Guests are able to RSVP on the back of the invites which include a lined section where guests can write their own little blurb about the upcoming celebration. These invitation cards are definitely full of personality and Raygan did a great job incorporating Jeff and Christine’s quirky tastes. Their guests will be in awe of the creativity and thought put into these beautiful invites!


Eye for Detail

July, Wedding Invitation Designs

Good morning all! I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! We at Chikpea Graphics had a wonderful holiday! Now lets get back to what you missed from last week. Earlier this past week, Raygan worked on some beautiful wedding invitation designs for Shauna and her future husband, Hughey St. Clair. The invitations flaunt a sophisticated design with detailed cursive plum-purple writing. The look turned out great and Shauna even had the idea to put ribbon on the invitations to make them look even better. After receiving the finalized invitations Shauna sent us an email with her added touch and said “Thanks again for [the] excellent work with our invitations. Papermart.com ended up having a perfect plum paper ribbon with a similar striated pattern as the invitations. We played with tying them several ways…they looked lovely.” Shauna’s eye for detail and Raygan’s expertise is what made these wedding invitations perfect for the occasion. Below you can see the finished product for Shauna and Hughey’s wedding invitations. We’re sure their guests will be taken aback by the beautiful design!