A Cleansing That Doesn’t Require A Toilet.

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I hope my blog the other day, ‘ramblings of a tired, disgusted frumpster‘, didn’t bring you down or leave you feeling dirty. I think we are all in need of a good cleansing of our mind, body and soul after that one…

It’s amazing that we live in a world where so much bad stuff happens naturally and yet we still seek it out. I am just as guilty as the next person but it still makes me wonder. Why do we need/want negativity in our lives?

Why do we create, and watch by the masses shows like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, and so many more. Just because our imaginations take us there doesn’t mean it’s good for us. Minus the vampires, zombies, and who knows what else is in some of those shows, a lot of the bad things acted out already happen in real life. So, why then do we feel the need to watch the same terrible things happen to hotter versions of people?

I don’t know. Maybe there are some scientific explanations or maybe it is something spiritual that we will never fully grasp. Either way, I know sometimes I just need a break from watching hot people get their faces eaten off.

So, here is a bunch of beautiful places and things to help your soul.

33-Most-Beautiful-Places-on-Earth-10 beautiful-abadoned-places-rabbit38-20130426-8 beautiful-places-002 beautiful-places-world-10 Cenote-Yucatan-Peninsula-Mexico ng-92 travel-place-for-vacation-7 ???????????????????????????


and THIS < click to view someone who already did a better job than me.

and THIS < click here but maybe don’t click if you’re hungry

I hope this gave you a fill of goodness to counteract whatever weird thing you’re going to watch on t.v.

For a nice healthy balance of goodness with a little hint of the bad side…



Join us on a magical ride…

LeMonkey House

We all know Christmas brings people together. What happens when said people get together is another story. For generations people have been getting the Christmas card wrong.

Who’s to blame for these hauntingly entertaining, sometimes disturbing images that make us chuckle whilst burning our eyes? For some, it seems maybe the intentions were good until the reality revealed something entirely, well, bad. Just bad. Although I find it hard to believe some of these weren’t contrived to be the most horrid Christmas cards ever, part of me is scared that maybe they did happen naturally.

Either way here are a few of my favorite picks (from a category with WAY TOO MANY options)…

Merry Christmas…

I can understand the thought process here… “oh, let’s be santa and reindeer!” … no.


It is shocking to me the number of nude Christmas photos there are out there. It is NEVER okay…


I actually like this one, mostly for the dad’s face…


Here is one of the “it’s too bad to be real” ones, but then I look into their eyes and I believe it. They are really selling it. I think maybe it’s the tiny goat wearing a Santa hat that makes this a top fiver for me…


These two are classics. I wish I was a member of either of these families…


Remember tan mom? We found her holiday card…


Now this one genuinely confused me. I think I might blame a photographer for this one. It’s obvious someone has exploited their the creative control. I mean, come on, the girl in the pajamas is sitting in a bucket, which is probably how she bathes considering they have no teeth and wear those very scary glasses. I imagine a very backwoodsy land lays outside those windows…


Told ya… so many…



Here we go… into the Hall of Fame section….



Are your eyes burning yet? Go, give them something nice to look at…


Keep it Classy

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The word classy by definition means;

a : elegant or stylish

b : having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior

c : admirably skillful and graceful

That sets the bar pretty high. Maybe that is why most people fall so short when it comes to class. Today, we wanted to give a visual ‘how to’ on the rules of class. We will show you what to avoid when trying to be the classiest guy or gal at the ball.

Treat yourself to a sassy nail color…


Don’t get any add-ons they offer you…


Go ahead, enjoy a beer with friends…


Use a glass…


…and it should go without saying you should stick to drinking it.

Classy Women

Do have a cookout…


Don’t use what you brought the groceries home in…


Do get your dream dress for your wedding day…


Change your dream…


Basically stay away from anything Britney Spears does or has ever done…

images-1 images white-trash-rednecks-0 funniest_celebrity_candids_2009_17 tumblr_m6u0pax8K61qmhggvo1_500

There are so many more to share with you, but I can feel my hope for humanity being sucked out of my body the more I go on. I will say if you are looking for more what not to do pictures simply Google:

– Rednecks

– Frat guys/girls

– Candid shots of any celebrity

– Any reality tv show

We hope this blog inspires you to charge into this week with your class flag waving high!

Good luck.